Movement 💪 Dietary Contribution to a Better Future ° For the full length video visit my Facebook page 'Our Green Chance' or visit my YouTube channel shown at the end of this video. ° If you want to start right now with your first contribution to reduce your carbon footprint, on the page and channel mentioned above you will always find full length cooking videos and detailed materials to get some new idea. 😉 Anyway, here I will also upload most of the summary versions. ° Any constructive question or comments are welcome! 👇😉 ° #eat4yourfuture #sustainbleeating #sustainablefood #climatechange #lessbeefanditsbyproducts #eatlessbeef #eat4yourhealth #taketheresponsibility #reduceyourcarbonfootprint #responsibility #foodmatters
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Every cell membrane of your body is made of the fats you consume. QUALITY matters even if the calories are the same. . . . . #macros #nutrition #quality #calories #qualityoverquantity
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|| #BehindTheScenes || “Where did you learn how to cook?” is still such a weird question for me to hear. Sometimes when I cook for my friends or posted snaps/stories to my personal accounts, I get asked this and just go like 🤷🏻‍♂️ because I haven’t stopped learning. . My answer is always pretty much the same: I grew up around a lot of different foods in San Jose, my dad cooks, and I stumbled upon the Gordon Ramsay scrambled eggs video in 2011. I’ve taken a more serious approach to cooking since then through researching the styles of different cuisines and learning to enjoy reading long Wikipedia articles about the dishes I really love. Now I have become pretty picky with food — almost to a fault (I try not to let my friends cook for me because I’m kind of mean when critiquing 😬), but it helps me understand what goes on behind the kitchen when eating out and better yet, how I can make it better when I get home. . Anyways, I got this @thugkitchen cookbook as an accidental gift years ago and have found some pretty dope #vegan recipes in here that doesn’t taste like grass or ice cube memes. Because of the unexpected handful of #plantbased people I have follow me here, I think it’d be nice to share my twist on some of these recipes every now and then. (I’m adding meat though because I’m the one that has to eat it loool) . A bit of a lengthy post today, but you better get used to it because 👏🏼 this 👏🏼 page 👏🏼 launches 👏🏼 tomorrow 👏🏼 and I’m going to be posting “quick recipes” in the caption of most of my posts. No exact measurements unless it’s really needed, but it’s more straight to the point than watching a YouTube video or Googling something. Get excited! 01.18.19 #NotAnAd #420
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Who struggles with meal planning?👋🏼 . When I first started, meal planning and prepping really intimidated the point where I just ignored it!😳 . I’m not kidding...I literally ignored that I had to eat right and just thought if I “ran that extra mile” I could out run my bad food choices 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ . Well luckily I figured out that when you combine the right workouts and food choices for your body, the real results come (and yes I still enjoy A LOT of foods....especially desserts 🧁)! . So I want to help you guys overcome the initial intimidation of getting started with a diet if you are interested In doing a live call with me where I show you exactly how I grocery shop, plan, cook, and prepare my meals for the week, drop your email in the comments below so I can give you the details!
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