To allow God to direct your steps as an entrepreneur requires that you are moving. So many people sit idle waiting for something to happen and others run ahead of God never listening for His voice. I have done both and in this episode we discuss the middle ground of what does it mean to be in action and allow God to direct our paths. Check out this episode and many more on the God Centered Success Podcast on iTunes or Spotify. #god #followhislead #trusthisway #faith #journey #entrepreneur #businesscoach #podcast #godcenteredsuccess
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..... your rod and your staff, they comfort me. #WalkThrough #FearNot #EmbraceTheDiscipline #FollowHisLead #BeComforted
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除左ANDY之外,男足入面仲有一位大名鼎鼎嘅SUNNYBROOOOS🤩 25屆嘅Sunny係忍者龜 頭痛嘅Best Coach 主要就係用佢多年黎踢波嘅經驗 教導忍者龜們佢擁有嘅踢波神技⚽️⚽️佢會以靈活嘅腳法擋好敵人嘅每一個進攻 並且係後場為球隊製造無限嘅入球機會👻 “Always Believe”係Sunny人生態度 對住我地來自唔同專項嘅忍者龜s都充滿信心 令每一個隊員都敢做敢試! #followhislead #towardsthegoal #忍者龜頭痛 #NinjaTurtlesHeadache
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Be good. Be nice. People see you and those little, kind acts can echo for a long time. #Onward #FollowHisLead
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This. 🙌🏼 In life we all go through seasons. Even though we know this, it doesn’t make it less uncomfortable when it’s time for one season to change into a new one. We know the next one is coming and we can feel it even before the last one fully ends. It’s tension. The in between where you feel like something is ending, maybe even dying, but you can also feel a fire growing that you know you can’t deny. I think we all experience this but often times we prolong the period of tension because we are afraid of what it will cost us. We wonder if people will understand. We wonder if they will continue to walk alongside us. We wonder if they will continue to be for us. The truth is that not everyone will. In a season of change that change and cycle of getting you where you are meant to go cannot be completed without the removal of things or people that do not have your best in mind. While you are trying so hard to stay attached to those things or people you are denying yourself the beauty and purity of the ones who were actually for you all along. The ones who were for you and not just your season. Don’t let fear of loss keep you from the person you’re supposed to become. It’s painful, but worth it. #chooseher #chooseherovereverything #becoming #newbeginning #inspogram #mom#momsofgilbert #newdays #momsofgilbert #worthit #seasons #changeisgood #followHislead #nofear #fearisaliar
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💗Some days I feel like… Why in the heck do I even plan anything in life. God already has a plan for me, right?? So why do I even need to do anything? Should all work out according to His plan, right? What’s the point of me even trying? . Then I think about what would happen if someone came to me as their health coach and asked me to make a plan for them. I would make the plan because I care about them. I want what’s best for them. They clearly have had the urge to make a change and better themselves, and they want me to help them do it, which is an honor. . But if that person, after I intricately help them set up a whole plan for them to be the most successful, just took that plan and didn’t follow through with any of the actions, then what would happen? Absolutely nothing. They would have wasted a whole lot of time, effort and emotions on nothing, and they definitely wouldn’t be any closer to their goals. . Just because we have a “plan” all made out for us already, doesn’t mean we don’t have to do anything! WE, as humans, have to take the action! We are the ones responsible for carrying out God’s plan! (We are the ones that asked for His help in the first place, right?) . So, while planning out your entire life may not be the best use of your time (since there really is a master plan already), it’s still our jobs to follow through with it. To follow the path that He is leading us down. To not ignore the tugs to go one way or another. However difficult and beaten up that path may be, it’s our jobs to navigate it. . But we won’t be navigating it alone. He is always with us. . 💕“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” -Proverbs 16:9💕 . . . #followhislead #ineedgod #godswillbedone #womensdevotional #hisplanisperfect #havefaithnotfear #dailydevotionals #pghfitnesswithbeth #puregenuinehappiness
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#Repost @coristylez (@get_repost) wit a lil added inspiration from me...for me!!! . . . God already had it planned just took a while for me to understand the Vision!!! #praisegod #followHislead #comprehend #2019 #nothingbutblessings #business #family #love #youth #positivevibes #leadership #forever #❤ #yourself #flygearontheway🤟🏽 #my5rmylife #stain #shime #banks #niwi #flyguyy
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If you attend Real Life Church and want to SERVE we would LOVE for you to Join our Team & Make a Difference!! Opportunities to serve: Nursery, Real Kidz, Encounter Youth, Guest Experience, Production, Worship, &!Facilities. Comment below and let us know which area you’d like to SERVE!! Ministry team leaders will be contacting you with more information. Together let’s follow His example and be Difference Makers!!
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