It’s almost the witching hour and my pumpkin carriage will soon be passing by to take me off to dreamy lands. But before I go I’d like to keep up with #marchmeetthemaker. Today’s theme has been “Proud of”. I’ve not done anything ground-breaking or even sold many of my handmade goodies in recent times. And I know I’m not as naturally talented as so many other makers. But taking part in this Meet the Maker challenge has got me looking through quite a few old photographs and it’s made me appreciate what I have done and what I have made over the years. I used to sell my quirky handmade bits and bobs on a more regular basis and it still gives me a warm, thankful glow to look back at the amount of things I’ve made and the lovely feedback that I’ve had. I think the warmest, tingliest feelngs I’ve had from my making over the years have been when I have seen the things that I made for theatre being brought to life on stage in front of audiences of people. For a while I made hats, wigs and also some fairy wings for a travelling outdoor theatre company. I had no formal training for that kind of work, so was completely self-taught, learning as I went over many long, hard hours of work. Seeing the things I’d made being worn and used by actors, being part of heart-warming, tear-jerking plays under moonlit midsummer skies in Sussex was a very special feeling. It was hard work, but something that I’ll always be so glad that I did. I don’t have any amazing photos of the theatre things in action, so I’ll just choose some photos I took of myself wearing some of them. I’d always take photos as a record of what I’d made. #marchmeetthemaker2019 #heytheremaker #folkymmtm #pro#propmaking #hatmaking #milinery #makersgonnamake #outdoortheatre #meetthemaker #meetthemakers #folksyshop #folksyseller #makersformakers #propmaking
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