Follow YOUR heart. Your journey is yours. Don't worry about what they say, think or do. Your vision was given to you, because you're the only one with the exact data necessary to pull it off. You don't need anyone to believe in you. Titans were here before God's. And they didn't need worship. #LVX777 #TravisMagus #light #vision #focus #power #passion #intention #manifestation #magick #focusonyourself #maintainyourframe
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Give the power to yourself, not the food... Allowing food to dictate your day, your personal suffering, your body image, your happiness is giving away your power to something that can do nothing with it. You control your destiny and your goals- not the food. Food is wonderful for our vitality and our health but it does not contain the power to either hinder your goals or help you reach your goals. YOU HAVE THE POWER and you always have. Don’t place so much emphasis on whether a food is ‘good or bad’. When you do this you’re giving the food a perceived hierarchy which then controls you. You can eat ALL types of food and still reach your goals. You have the power to control your portion sizes and eat anything you WANT. Want to learn more and get rid of food anxiety forever? Get in touch- link in bio. NUTRITION YOU WILL L❤️VE #finessenutrition #nutrition #health #mindset #focusonyourself #loveyourself #goals
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Beginning the second week of contest prep at 181 pounds! And to think that I weighed 140 during most of my ballet career. Older, stronger, with at least 5 more pounds of muscle to gain. Great back training today! #bodybuilding #fitover60 #gettingstrongereveryday #focusonyourself #ankylosingspondylitiswarrior #selfdiscipline
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- It's all about marketing. You are guilty for falling for it too at some point in your life 🤷‍♂️anyway. For those of you who own a business Remember ☝️ Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart and Great about themself. Translation: they feel less guilty with a greater reward. Your Welcome. #millionaire_innercircle
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