Evening light bringing us to a halt in the chaos. Slowing us down, quitting our voices and opening our ears. Light inspiring us to take in moments of silence.
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This year I got experience spring break with no classes or work (thank god 😂)! I spent it with my lovely Fiancé in Whitehorse ,YT. This place is something special and Helena packed it full of once in a life time activities and experiences . So thankful for this and the good times we shared with friends . #whitehorse #yukon #dogsledding #kluanenationalpark #auroraborealis #winterlongbrewing #flyairnorth
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This weekend we dropped everything to go chase a potential geomagnetic storm. @brian_schultz_media and @adv@adventurer_avi booked work off to come shoot the chase, @steph_schiff from the community, who won the draw to come with us cancelled some big plans, and our friends at @flyairnorth and @yukonhotels rallied to get us up there put us up, and help make the chase happen. ⠀ All to chase something that might be unpredictable, but if you're lucky enough to catch it, it’s one of those phenomena that can change your perspective on life. ⠀ As we hit 30K feet in the 737 and were immediately welcomed by a green glow on the northern horizon. But when we got up there late at night and drove out above the city, the storm seemed to be fading. There was still a bit of action, but it seemed like we’d come for the tail end of a dying storm. ⠀ We pushed on each day and night, staying out late until 3 or 4AM to be there just in case the tides turned. And each night there was just enough at play up in the sky to keep us glued to it. ⠀ Then it was the final night... and it was cloudy. The sky was covered and even the aurora forecast was pulling back. We had plans to head up to an open lake above the city, and there was no way we weren't at least going to try. ⠀ We grabbed some x-large @timhortons coffees at 9PM, got in the truck and headed out to get to this lake high above the city. ⠀ After a long winding dirt road, it all opened up: a massive, white, frozen, wide-open lake surrounded by low rolling terrain and trees with a perfect 360-degree window into the cloud-covered sky. This was it. ⠀ We parked, got out and saw a snow shelter that had been made before us, and decided to set-up there. ⠀ Back to the truck, grabbed our gear, as we walked back, all the clouds pulled away. They vanished over the course of minutes, leaving a clear sky laced with stars, and what seemed to be the thinnest crescent moon possible. ⠀ At the same time, a green glow on the horizon formed into clear lines that moved and flowed together, coming closer and closer until it took the shape of a hurricane, and enveloped the skies around us. ⠀ Taking us all by surprise. As if it was chasing us. 📸 @adventurer_avi
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Tickets are selling fast! Come on out to the the E building or visit our website to buy tickets to the raffle and Wishes&Thrones on Thursday, April 5! . . . . . @childrenswishnc @aceventmanagement @centurioncenter @flyairnorth @algonquincollege #raffle #prize #flyairnorth #wishevent #tickets #college #auction #trip #thenorth #gameofthrones #wishesandthrones #613events
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The first day of spring has us daydreaming about being lake side in Kluane National Park #flyairnorth | Photo by @wisslaren #exploreyukon
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If you come hiking with me there’s a 99% chance at some point I will point at any mountain and say “let’s go up there”. There is a high chance things will be slippery, rocky and you’ll have to bring out your inner mountain goat. There is also a high chance we’ll get an epic view and come out laughing.
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“The universe above you. Incredible nature all around you. Unreal people beside you. And the fire for life re-ignited inside you.” #flyairnorth |Photo by @adventurer_avi & @chasingsunrise
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