Unrelated photo of me and my young man Arthur 🐶 with our new bathroom wallpaper, looking suitably like a north London coffee shop. I was just reflecting back to the weekend where I had a jam packed day of clients and I was in total FLOW! Flow happens only under very specific conditions - when the skill and challenge is at a high level, but just at that level that we can reach. If your skills are greater than the challenge, you’ll probably quickly become bored. If your skills aren’t high enough then you’ll probably feel some anxiety! A nice quote I found on flow - “A good discussion often brings a sense of flow. I am not aware of myself, the world around, or the passage of time. I get totally involved in the conversation. Everything goes smoothly. It is challenging but not a rough ride. Yet, like with all truly fulfilling experiences, you know that you were in flow, not while you were there, but because of missing it after.” What gets you into flow?! #flow #happiness #flowstate #clinic #chihuahua #wallpaper #interiors #kirstysclinic #watford #london #findyourflow
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_when we sit with ourselves we uncover all that we need to know #innerwisdom _Discover flow along with essential oils and the powerful addition to your life they can bring ✨🌿 _SATURDAY YOGA & ESSENTIAL OILS CLASS 3/23 @ 9:30 AM (free) _📍 @flowstate_studios 4422 SW 73Ave #namaste
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Our CORE evolved to have the function of resisting rotations. The Clubbell ™ was developed to generate torque and rotation. The more your core can resist rotation, the more you will be able to integrate and transfer strength from the lower body to the upper body. This connection only happens through the strengthening and sophistication of the activation of your Core to resist rotations in all possible degrees of freedom. Its "Core" works like a three-dimensional cylinder capable of resisting rotations in all degrees of freedom, protecting your vital organs. But if you neglect any of these three-dimensional aspects of the core, you compromise your generation of strength and spine safety. With that in mind, it is easy to understand why Clubbell ™ is such an effective tool to strengthen Core and the body as a whole. @tad013_brazil ・・・ Seu núcleo (CORE) evoluiu para ter a função de resistir a rotações. O Clubbell™️ foi desenvolvido para gerar torque e rotação. Quanto mais o seu núcleo puder resistir à rotação, mais você será capaz de integrar e transferir força dos membros inferiores para os membros superiores. Esta conexão só acontece através do fortalecimento e sofisticação da ativação do seu Core para resistir a rotações em todos os graus de liberdade possíveis. Seu “Core” funciona como um cilindro tridimensional capaz de resistir a rotações em todos os graus de liberdade, protegendo seus órgãos vitais. Mas se você negligenciar qualquer um desses aspectos tridimensionais do core, você compromete sua geração de força e segurança da coluna. Com isso em mente, é fácil entender por que o Clubbell™️ é uma ferramentas tão eficaz para fortalecer o Core e o corpo em sua integralidade. . #tad013 #clubbell #clubbellstrength #str#strength #RuggedStrength #oodaflow #flow #rr2g #tsjj #onsetmindset #mindset #beeducated #edu#educationb #brainwaves #laserfocus #athleticdevelopment #yogaforathlete #coaching #coachingschool #nzone #flowstate #dubai #tb #tbt #education #movementdxb #fitnessindxb #strength #dubaifitness #tad013dubai #tad013uae Text @bernardo_steinberg
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Took a little detour from my usual training routine to catch one of my top 3 favorite bands last night @oneokrockofficial yesterday in San Franisco! - What type of music gets you going? - 🥊Follow @hyp@hyp@hypermonkey1 - 🏋️‍♂️Follow @hypermonkey1 - 🤓Follow @hypermonkey1 - -
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#innerstellarshampoo [SWIPE] CHIEF CLOUD HOG☁️🐗. I told myself I will be consistent on social media to project my frequencies, in order to attract those of similar vibrations 📣(ARE YOU OUR THERE)!!! However, Sometimes you have to step back. What I've come to understand is that you need balance in ALL aspects of your life not just on social media, but with Friends, family, your eating habits, and what you spend most of your time/energy on. Don't get lost in the sauce of insta, Remember to gain actual life experiences. _________________________________ Enter your #flowstate of mind, when work becomes play and is flowing much more efficiently without resistance... without expectation🕊. • • • • #fantasyart #conceptart #characterdesigner #ill#illustratornstagram #illustration #illustrator #comicartist #redpen #redart #explorepage #artist #fanart #artistoninsta #manga #anime #animefan #cartoon #mangaart #mangaartist #originalcharacter #originalart #sketch #drawing #focus #selfdicipline
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Book Recommendation: Deep Work by Cal Newport. Here are some notes I took on Part I in my commonplace notebook. My commonplace notebook is where I stash any bits of wisdom I come across from the various books I read, podcasts and audiobooks I listen to, or anywhere else I find it. I realized I was consuming so many nonfiction books (usually psychology) that I wasn’t retaining as much information as I’d like. So I’m writing it all down. You will see a lot of this notebook on this account. I recommend Deep Work because it contains vital information for craftsmen, knowledge workers, and artists. Too often we feel busy yet our activities are shallow, only surface level. In order to derive meaning from what we do and to differentiate ourselves from our peers, we must facilitate a state of deep work as often as we can. I have long been enthralled with the concept of “flow” as defined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and Newport’s “deep work” accentuates this idea beautifully. That feeling you get when you are wholly absorbed in a task and hours slip by, where no worries or desires enter your mind, this is as close to enlightenment that humans can get. We have evolved to flourish in such conditions, and to wallow in shallowness. . . . #deepwork #deepworkcalnewport #bujo #bulletjournal #commonplacebook #studentoflife #csikszentmihalyi #flowstate #advicetoliveby #wisequotes #productivityhacks #journalingcommunity #calnewport #bookstagram #bookrecommendations
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Worked on this for a little under an hour today and listened to the album Stranger in the Alps. I’m now obsessed with Phoebe Bridgers. I put the painting up in our kitchen but it was rainy and cloudy today. Swipe to see the poorly lit photo. Really enjoying this painting even though it’s a little simple. #emilydoesarts #rainydays #sadmuisc
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