Today I was confronted with a particular hard piece of conditioning. Guilt! This feeling can knock me completely out and send me into isolation and deep lack of energy. But it is a normal emotion that can be dealt with when I look at the true nature of it. Guilt means doing something that isn’t agreement with someone else because I have changed my path into another direction. This is the feeling of guilt because I leave something behind. But if I stay with my decision, life can grow from there and a new but can blossom. But we have to look at it honestly and feel the pain of leaving something behind. Then I can go ahead free and with a unhindered mindset. Today the root of my pain inspired me to take these photographs, what’s inside your pain? Foto @moritzkerkmann
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We have a lot of ideas in our heads... I should be behave this way or I am unacceptable... I am not good enough for this and that. Are you questioning yourself and you look for the ultimate way how to do this thing called life? The path I suggest is a journey inward and find out who you really are, that is the way to handle your depression. Text me for a chat if you are interested to know more. Self portrait @moritzkerkmann
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