I'm liking how this runner is looking. Wool from a friend at work who didn't see joy anymore. I do! #floorloomweaving #handwoven #weaversofinstagram
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End of the warp experiment in ribweave. I’ve been knitting away in my spare time and haven’t been at the loom in awhile. I’ve missed it. . #weaversofinstagram #blackwomenweave #handweaving #handweaversofinstagram #weaving #floorloomweaving #weavingismymeditation
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Started weaving... but not without some major hiccups. After sleying the reeds, the heddles will not move probably due to friction or tension of the warps. I had to replace the lower lams with thicker sticks so it will not bend when i step on the treadles. The string heddle is also not working the way it should be. It will not let the warp slide easily when i wind the warp or cloth beam. Mercerized cotton may not be smooth enough... or maybe i should change the way i made the eye... on the good side, i think my plastic reed and beater is working fine, not perfect, but good enough to pass the initial test. I have some ideas on how i can improve it. I guess the next thing to build is the shuttle! #weaving #flo#floorlooming #floorloom #cottonweaving #anssgarden #diyloom
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