Thanks to @uni@uni@united horrible flight scheduling (UA1104 ANC to Houston), mechanical issues, De-icer fail...we missed the surprise Denver stopover that isn't really advertised in the itinerary and finally got a flight to Houston (8hrs after we were supposed to) and needless to say are not in Belize, sitting at an all inclusive lodge preparing for a night safari because we can't leave till tomorrow. So. What is one to do with a hotel voucher from @united to a crappy hotel and three very tired but in need of something a little different for the amazing kids who will have to redo the airport mess again tomorrow? We pay a ridiculous amount of money to visit a lit up Houston Zoo then get some Texas BBQ. I present lots of lights and tired us. Also @united sucks. The offered compensation for a voucher towards a future ticket (which I denied because I plan to file a very detailed claim) won't even cover a one-way to Seattle from Anchorage! Let alone the night we lost at the lamanai lodge and times lost due to their errors. Even their CS employees commented on the ridiculous scheduling of layovers and stopovers. Super disappointed in #unitedairlines today. #makethingsright #timetogetanewmileagecard #belizeorbust #airlinenightmare #unitedfail #vacationmode #vacationfail #wewantcashback #fixit
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Not exactly the way I imagined this day going - life is always full of unexpected hiccups - and for an #entrepreneur work is never done! Rolling with the punches is not something I excel at #fuckanxiety Today through me some low blows on top of wrestling with #guilt about not being able to be fully present on my very rare day away with @jon@jon.the.poet but thankfully this human knows how to let most of my shit slide and is wildly supportive of my work even when it means our special time together is interrupted and I cannot unwind and#letgo or be in the moment the way I want to. When we got some bad news, I spiralled into #fixit mode and he pulled me up and calmly acknowledged that this problem was real but the solution was not possible now. Then he bought me food and watched #dollyparton holiday specials with me until I could relax. @jon.the.poet you are pretty awesome and I'm pretty lucky to have you here with me ✨
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Huge shout out to my friends over at @kikbaxoffroad for the awesome and friendly customer support! Y’all need these for doorless season 🤩🔥🔥 🔷 Still rockin the badass hood wrap from @wrapseshaz and the @metalcloak #longarm kit 🔷 #jeep #jeeptj #jeepgang #wheelit #breakit #fixit #fox #bilstine #metalcloak #bfg #stocktj #wrenching #4x4 #offroad #mud #dirt #4low #mudtruck #bogs
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Love being married to a handy guy who can fix things when they break! @shlomo718 thanks for always fixing everything and always teaching the kids how to do it! Stinks that people who are supposed to be professionals aren't competent. #handyman #lawyerswife #fixerupper #fixit #hubby #newlyweds #workhardplayhard #healthymindhealthybody #mylove #familyof5 #freakinweekend #partnerinlife #partnerincrime
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