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Today I finished my 80 Day Obsession workout program, and I wanted to share some things I've learned along the way: 🥕 Food is fuel. To get results, it's not always about eating less, but it's about fueling your body properly. 🧠 Mental toughness is just as important as physical toughness. My body can get me through long, hard workouts--it's my mind I have to convince 💪 I CAN do hard things. I pushed my body to the limits, and finished an 80 day program. I have never even completely finished 21 days of a program, but this is proof that I CAN do it. As Autum always says, "It doesn't get easier, you just get stronger." ⚖️ Its not about the scale. I haven't even weighed myself yet because not only do I not have a scale here, I don't care. I feel great. I feel confident. I feel strong. ✌️Just because this program is over doesn't mean I quit. I'm already thinking about what's next, planning round two! ✨Final results: lost 20" altogether✨ #fitathome #fittwentysomething #healthyhappyfit #sortahealthy #sortafit #homebodyhealth #letspuketogether #goaldiggers #worththeworkout #healthyish #sweatingforthewedding #sweatingforthedress #80dayobsession
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Time for a little honesty: Last week I only got in 3/6 workouts. 😲 My body hurt. I was SO tired. Like going to bed at 7:30pm tired. I needed a rest after 50 days of this intense 80 Day program. Notice I didn't say I needed to QUIT after 50 days. I said REST. This lifestyle has taught me how to rest when I need to, so that I DON'T quit. Some days you can CRUSH your workout. But, some days it's HARD and you just need to go to bed at 7:30. Today is Monday. It's a new week, it's the start of phase 3 of my program, and I am not letting my weekend of rest get me off track. Here's to learning to rest. Here's to reaching my goals. Here's to Day 51. #nevermissamondayworkout #fitathome #fittwentysomething #healthyhappyfit #sortahealthy #sortafit #homebodyhealth #letspuketogether #goaldiggers #worththeworkout #healthyish #sweatingforthewedding #sweatingforthedress #80dayobsession
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These pictures prove that the number on the scale is simply that--a number! I am at Day 40/80 of my program. I have only lost 3lbs, but I have lost over 11 collective inches!! Best of all, I am HAPPIER! I am STRONGER! I have MORE ENERGY! I have created healthy HABITS! I have a POSITIVE body image! Want to join me in March and start seeing progress of your own?? DM me for the details! #fitathome #fittwentysomething #healthyhappyfit #sortahealthy #sortafit #homebodyhealth #letspuketogether #goaldiggers #worththeworkout #healthyish #sweatingforthewedding #sweatingforthedress #80dayobsession
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We hadn't seen each other in almost a month, so we spontaneously met in the middle and celebrated an early Valentine's Day the best way we know how: burgers, champagne, and darts . Thanks for being my forever Valentine! . . . #livingmybestlife #healthybody #happysoul #familyfriendsfun #maketodaygreat #gradstudentlife #goaldigger #minnesotabride #nearlyweds #blogger
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I put this workout off all day because last week it was SO HARD. I was dreading it. I had it in my mind that this workout was going to stink. . . . But I pushed play anyways, and you know what? I felt STRONGER! I did the whole 30 min cardio workout without pausing once! I realized that today is Day 13, not Day 6. I AM stronger than I was last week. I CAN do hard things, and I WILL keep pushing even though I want to quit because I am getting better! . . . Did you take time to better yourself today? . . . #fitathome #fittwentysomething #healthyhappyfit #sortahealthy #sortafit #homebodyhealth #letspuketogether #goaldiggers #worththeworkout #healthyish #sweatingforthewedding #sweatingforthedress #80dayobsession
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7 months ago I decided to join this team of strong, beautiful, confident women as a Beachbody coach. I was nervous. I'm no health expert... I am not a size 2... I've barely even stuck with a program longer than a month. But as I thought about it, the benefits far outweighed the risks. . I've gained confidence in myself and my abilities, I have gained accountability for my health journey, and I've learned how to face obstacles head on. . I am so happy that I joined when I did because I have learned skills that I needed during my move to Green Bay last week. I have learned to leap over life's hurdles with confidence and a boldness that shoots me towards my goals. Read more about these skills in my latest blog post up this week! Link is in my bio . What hurdles are you trying to clear? How is your mindset helping you get over them? What is waiting for you on the other side? . Are you ready to join a team that will support you, help you grow, and lift you up to your highest potential? After all... The benefits far outweigh the risks! . . . #livingmybestlife #healthybody #happysoul #familyfriendsfun #maketodaygreat #gradstudentlife #goaldigger #minnesotabride #nearlyweds #blogger
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