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One of the best things about this sport is getting to meet other people with the same passion for it as you. I’ve been lucky to meet so many amazing ladies backstage at my shows, and this girl right here helped to make last nights show so enjoyable. @ashleyyfit_ I’m honored to have gotten to know you last night and make a new friend. Us girls gotta stick together. I’m rooting for you as you prep for that national stage in 5 weeks. #youvegotthis . . . . . . Online coaching spots still available! What’s included: 🔸Completely customized macro or meal plan (you choose)🔸a customized fitness program that fits your goals, schedule and access to equipment🔸Bi-Weekly Email Check-Ins and nutrition adjustments of necessary. . Supps 💊@G6SportsNutrition “Kayla15” saves you 15%. . Silicone Rings 💍 @FixateDesigns “Tocco20” saves you 20%. . YouTube: Link In Bio. . Online Coaching: Macros/Meal Plans/Training- email in bio. . #fitnessmodelsdotcom #RoadToPro #G6FuelsThis #G6Sports #StayFixated #followmyjourney
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Posting a few vids of my glute /hammie day today. But full workout was; 1. Pyramid style sumo deads. 2. Landmine squat variation ss with single leg curtsy lunge step ups. 3. Walking lunges with bb on back ss with cable rdl's and banded sissy squats. 4. Partial squats ss with back extension and banded knee thrusters. 5. Squat to good mornings ss with elevated single leg hip thrusters on the bosu. I was dead by the end of the workout. Legit. Which is evident by the last set of hip thrusters in the vid 😂. #fit #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #fitchick #girlswithmuscle #muscle #fitlife #healthy #lifestyle #gym#gymmotivation #fitnessmodelsdotcom #personaltrainer #gym #bodybuilding #workout #gymlife #goodlife
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