My biggest tip for this journey? Make your workouts non-negotiable. Period. I know what your saying, “But life gets in the way”. Believe me I GET that. Life is always full 🗓 But I also know how many great things flow from starting your day getting active. Or getting active at any time throughout your day really. Here’s some tips that you will want to save to help (click the ribbon at the top right of this post just below my picture to save it!) ▪️your workout doesn’t have to be an hour long - even getting in 10 minutes is great ▪️pick tools and programs that can flex with and around your life - it’s part of the reason I don’t go to the gym regularly - set class schedules with my crazy life are a no go! ▪️make time for your fitness in the part of your day when you have to make the least amount of changes to fit it in. It’s easier to establish a new habit when we implement minimal changes to the activities and life that surround it ▪️find someone to be accountable to that will support you, push you, and remind you of your goals We tend to create this all or nothing mentality around fitness and it’s does not have to be that way. The end goal is to creat a healthy lifestyle habit and that starts with building consistency that works for you.
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The beautiful thing about life is you can always change, grow and become better. زیباترین چیز زندگی، اینه که شما همیشه میتونید تغییر کنید، رشد کنید و بهتر بشید ... !!!👊🙌 #fitnesspro#fitnesgril#fitnessmotivation #fitness#bodybuilding#bodybuildingitalia#fitnes #bodybuildingwomen#bodybuildingtips#championleague#fitnesslifestlye
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Anzeige| Guten Morgen 🙋‍♀️, ich liebe diese Dinger einfach 🤤, egal ob warm oder kalt. Deshalb sind die #qua#quarkpuffer auch so einfach vorzubereiten! . Das Rezept ist ganz einfach: 🍎1/2 Apfel 🍎100g Magerquark 🍎1 Ei 🍎35g Weizenmehl 🍎Christstollengewürz @spice_bar (in meinen Highlights zeige ich euch wie ihr es mixen könnt) mit spicynoreen gibt's 5€ Rabatt Zuerst den Apfel in kleine Würfel schneiden. Anschließend Magerquark und Ei verrühren, Mehl und Christstollengewürz zugeben und gut verrühren. Zum Schluss den Apfel unterheben. Zum Ausbacken habe ich meinen Crêpesmaker verwendet, geht aber genau so gut in der Pfanne, hier braucht ihr eventuell etwas zum einfetten. Als Topping heiße Beeren und etwas Haselnussmus 🤤. . Schönen Freitag 🙋‍♀️❤🤗🌞 . #noreenbäckt #quarktaler #quarkpuffer #frühstücksliebe #frühstücken #gesundleben #gesundesfrühstück #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #fitnessfood #healthybreakfastideas #highprotein #noaddedsugar #gesunderezepte #breakfastgoals #breakfastheaven #bragyourplate #fitnesslifestlye #fitfamgermany #postworkoutmeal #highproteinpancakes #pancakes #applepancakes #proteinbakery #cinnamon #berries
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