Hey guys 🙌🏽 I trained quads today, filmed a few exercises. My hammies are feeling really tight lately so wanted to rest them, you do use your hamstrings to some extent in these exercises but not as much as you would wide stand grips. . Felt bloody good again guys to train 💪🏼 . My back has improved dramatically by the massages I’ve been having which has helped with over all strength. . Any questions guys about fitness related, happy to help🙌🏽 . Hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday😘
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🐸 mismatched 🦊
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Cute suit & booty goals  @charliemariia
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Antes de cada entrenamiento uso mi prework Dr. Jekyll de la prestigiosa marca @prosupps 👌💪❗ Lejos el mejor suplemento pre entreno para generar aumento del óxido nítrico y congestiones brutales!! Lo pueden encontrar en @nutripowerchile junto a diferentes productos de la mejor calidad!! 😉 Pronto disponible mi código de descuento 🔝 #preworkout #prosupps #drjekyll #pump #veins #vascular #ripped #chestday #train #fit#fitl #fitness #fit #aestheticfitness #motivation #strongman #gainz
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We are defined by our experience but we are distinguished by our perspective
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