Ever have those days where you feel like you completely rocked the day? That’s how I felt today. . So many good moments today. And now finishing off solo with the littles who are surprisingly playing nicely together 🤫 and hopefully we’ll have an easy bedtime. . There are so many days when I feel like such a hot mess. There are days I’m overwhelmed. Days where I cry. Days where my patience is nonexistent and I’m stressed. Days when the mom guilt of “am I working too much?” or “should I be doing something else?” takes over. . But these glorious days where I am patient, productive, balanced, happy, and feel like I got this Mom thing down, are flippin wonderful!! . Motherhood is one of the most trying and humbling journeys ever. . Let’s be honest, if your babies are taken care of and loved and you are still alive, you’re doing a dang good job sister!
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I’ve got about 4,568 problems but not taking the time to better myself and work these muscles isn’t one 🤷🏻‍♀️💃🏻
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I used to fear the ocean. It consumed me. Afraid of what ifs. Unable to move forward. Shaking. It wasn't until we were broke and homeless with nothing to loose that I finally stepped into the ocean, a couple of miles from where I am in this photo, deep enough that my feet were covered, then ankles, knees, then to my waist. I opened my arms and turned my face to the sun. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I let go. I set myself free. I embraced the unknown. I learned to trust what I couldn't control or see. I let God in and knew my heart and intentions were pure and I trusted my body, mind, the Universe, and even the ocean. It was the day I realized that life is what we make of it and I was going to make the rest of my life, the best of my life. It is fitting that recently there have been so many pictures of me in water. Each one more daring, each time the ocean was churning more, the waves bigger, the tide consuming. On the day of this shoot.... I had zero fear. The ocean on this day appeared angry but it was really inviting me to play. I trusted myself. My body. The ocean. My photographer. The waves crashed on me and I rolled with it. I laughed as I let the ocean drag me in its strong current along the shore... and each time it would calm enough that I could get back on my feet. I fell often and stood up one more time than I fell. I live. I am free. Free of my own judgement and the judgement of others. I control what I can and roll with what I can't. Everything happened for us not to us. Everything we have been through has led to this moment. I am ready. Outfit by @lolagetts (not yet released) 📸 by @_swabbie_
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Another 30 minutes in the books of the elliptical on top of 30 minutes of weight lifting. I was so freaking proud. Also, I’ve found that if my music slows, so does my pace. And closing my eyes helped me a lot to focus on form and what my body was feeling rather than focusing on the minutes creeping by. #fithasnosize #retrofitness #icandohardthings #cardioishardio #retrofitnessapopka
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Start each day with the correct mindset & ROCK THAT ISH OUT! 🔥💪🏼🙌🏼🤗 #impactlives #focusonyourself #hardworkanddedication #doyouboo #lovelife #fitchicks #fithasnosize #selflove #mindsetofgreatness
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Strength day 🙌🏼 Ps 2 weeks ago these leggings were a skin tight compression fit. Today they fit more like jammies.
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