[#FlatLex] Welp. Let's do this! Tomorrow, I'm running my second trail race ever! I just rejoined the @mcrrc (thanks to some heavy motivation/peer pressure from @livefreeandrun), and I'm running a trail 5k tomorrow morning! I have some #preracejitters - mostly because it looks like it will be rainy and cold - but I definitely ran more than 3.1 trail miles last weekend during our @ragnarrelay! I'm not sure what to expect tomorrow, but I'm excited! Now, off to bed I go (Flat Lex will sleep in the living room), with a few minutes of #90dayfiance before I get a full-night's sleep! What do you have going on this weekend?
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Stucc In The Grind, I’m Stucc In The Grind. - Nip Hussle. forever MJR. 🙏🏾 shot by: @daniel_walker15 . • #rawfit #slowgrindfitness #slowgrindathletics #nipseyhussle #fitfortheculture #fitnessmotivation #bla#blackfitnessmen #blackfitness
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Beef Eggplant and Cabbage (Haitian style) but instead of beef I used Morning Star Grillers Crumbles. Swipe right for recipe.
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@bellsebobo 👸🏽
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You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself! ❤️
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💎💥 home workout 💥💎 . I'm not one to waste time so I like my workouts hard and to the point of my goals.. so you wont catch me on a treadmill or anything like that. here are some great home workouts for maintaining strength and muscle by building core strength in functional ways 💯👀 . 💥plank jack burpee 💥pushup knee crossover 💥side plank dips 💥v sit band rear delt pull 💥close to far plank 💥single leg bridge with abduction 💥plank leg crossover . @realathletesknow @team.results.apparel
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Blessed training ppl. . . Growth cannot exist inside a safety zone. Dont be scared to try something new. . Movement: Wieghted belt sumo squat pulse . . Targets: Glute quads . Exercise 3x 30sec
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So @jah_holla tried to kill me. Lol. But it was a great workout. You can't get to the next level if you play it safe. Working daily @jtwfit ---------------------------------------------------- 👕👖---> @gymsharkwomen 🧤--> @handlzgloves @fitfortheculture #coachcapersfitness #fitnessgoals #newyork #fitspo #blackgirlfitness #fitnessmoms #fitmoms #blackfitness #fitnesscoach #transformation #fitgirls #fitfortheculture #fitnessinfluencer #resistancebandsworkout #abs
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