Support. It makes all the difference. When things get tough,. Having someone to lean on when things get tough makes it so much easier to pick up the pieces and keep moving forward. I was asked today, what about being part of this for family has impacted your life the most? My answer is simple. It's support. The " I have your back no matter what" kind of support. I have gained friendships (all online) and then can get together for real and it's like we've known each other for years! This is the first time in a long time that I have friends that are like family. That support each other unconditionally. That not just let you vent, let you cry, let you laugh, but are there doing it with you. I am so thankful that I have met these ladies that there are not words to express that. #tribe #friendslikefamily #unconditionalsupport #teamgoals #TFR⚓ #fitfamily #fitlife #teamvibe
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Today, I went to the gym after work and ran into a old coworker from my old job. I had headphones in and noticed a gentleman take a double take as I walked by. In the past, this would cause a anxiety attack that sent me into the locker room and out the door as fast as possible. Instead of running and hiding, I stopped because I recognized him too. The first words out of his mouth was you look great and have lost so much weight. It made me realize how far I have come even when the bumps in the road popped up. This past year has been tough with some roadblocks but I have overcome those road bumps. One of my favorite product to keep me on track and continuing to overcome the roadblocks is my advanced fighter pills. They are all natural and allows me to enjoy a splurge dinner and dessert once a week. I have a awesome 90 day challenge that gives this great product for 40% off discount. Send me a message below.😎#itworks #itworksadvancedformulafatfighter #itworksadvancedfatfighter #advancedfatfighter #advancedfatfighters #supplements #supplement#hea#healthylifee #healthylife #gym #gymrat #gymlife #fitfam #fitfamily
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