Let the fire burn away the crusts and unforgettable bruises to reveal a young and supple me ablaze with energy and creative spirit. Let me be the creative sprit I seek. #holi2019 #holika #renewed #spiritedaway #fireoflife
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Gotta master that serpent. That’s the next quest. Stay tuned for developments.
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LOVE AND TRUST. It can be really scary to go through the journey of Love. ✈️♥️ We think we want love but when we are faced with what it means to love someone we get scared as hell. And it takes work. 😕 We often discuss and observe several things with each other and it is not always pretty. And while you don't want to do the steps it takes, you it's what it takes to croas that bridge of FEAR. 🌉🌈 Will we make it? 🤔 @kis@kisharina wearing @starseeds.eco Follow our journeys @daveacrochiara @kisharina
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CHILL AT THE WINDMILL🏡 We arevtravelling on the road in the south of Spain 🇪🇸 and we found this incredible AirBeB called "El Mulino de la Huerta". The locals were so friendly that they gave us two cakes eaxh and two beers 🥧🍰🍻 just upon arrival, and they were very happy to film us during our training. Finally Hand2Hand starts to feeling pretty good again after 8 months of Rehab for Chiara's Shoulder. Grateful🙏🏻 Where will we be tonight? 🤔 Both wearing the new amazing line @starseeds.eco ❤️ Follow our journeys @goodfeelingmovement @kisharina
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For within you that #fireoflife is fueled by every #livingbreath received. #Tune-in and #marvel at this #innerverse. #aswithinsothroughout, for within, the #Macrocosm abides called #microcosm .. . . #Sacrifices your time and space and place and with #reverence #surrender to #thelivingflow of life and voila all is to your avail.... . . #sup#supremeconsciousness# #supreme #awareness #consciousness#iamthatiam. #meditation #yogicscience. #theawakendliving
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🌞Another amazing energy day from the Galactic Calendar. It is Yellow Planetary Sun, guided by Elegance. It is all about perfect, produce and manifestation. Also Enlightens, Life and Universal Fire. The Sun is the lens through which we receive radiant energy and information from the center of the galaxy. It awakens us to who we truly are...sparks of the great fire of life. Be that spark in the world.🌞💛🌝 #energies #elegance #galacticcalendar #perfect #produce #yellowplanetarysun #manifestation #enlightens #life #universalfire #lens #information #galaxy #awakens #joy #gift #fireoflife #bewhowetrulyare #bethespark #sacredgeometry #shine #create #love #light #uplift🌞
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TODAY'S STORY. Everyday is a new book, and when you open that book the moment you wake up, you know there is a new story coming.🌠 It is not always a "good" one, neither it is a "bad" one. It is just new, and like from every new story you read, you face it with thirst of knowledge, with excitement, with curiosity, with the desire of understanding what this story has to say to you.🌀 I am noticing lately that my own stories (days) are speaking to me, and if i manage to understand the MESSAGE 📨 of the day, then i change something for the better in my own life. For me it is a bit like seeing it from a different perspective⬇️ - today everything was very hard and nothing worked! F**K my life! 😠 OR - today is a day to do less and rest more, i can stay relaxed as much as possible and be more creative tomorrow. 🙃 🌈 It is not always possible to choose everything about the story, But you can still choose from where to read it, (Mindset choice) ➡️. Would you choose to read it from under a tree with the sunshine 🌲☀️🌊 ➡️. Or stuck in the middle of a traffic jam? 🚥🔊🚗🚖🚔 📸@tobis_art_work Follow our journeys @goodfeelingmovement @kisharina
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