✨ I N T E G R I T Y ✨ Often we move so fast through flows that we give focus to the short range and end range but not the mid range of a shape. Or we move too fast into a pose wanting depth (ego) rather than maintaining integrity (heart). The more we focus on the stretch/opening into the tissue and engaging the muscles, and let the bones and joints move with that - rather than forcing our bones and joints into a shape - we create more awareness, compassion, and strength for the shape to be maintained. For yoga to become a spiritual practice, you need to create a relationship with your body, there is no shortcut to this. You will reach spirit through your body, not around it. • Trying out a transitional hold of this shape rather than going for depth and passive stretch, but going slowly to hold it and finding new edges to play with. • Captured by @romy_rpr on her @youm.yoga mat. • #yoga #movement #inspiration #mobility #integrity #findyouredge #halflotus #trysomethingnew #ubud #bali #flexibility #loveyourbody #bodyandspirit #yogamat #moveyourbody
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All smiles because this E. coli nightmare is behind me and I’m cleared to spin!🚴🏻‍♂️💙 . . . Ride with me! W: 6pm Th: 5pm F: 3:30pm #backinthesaddle #cycle #spin #cardio #workout #fitnessinstructor #trufusion #findyouredge #sweatincluded
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Progress. Left was me about a year ago, right is me today. Enjoy your journey 💜. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#yoga #yogaeverydamnday #dan#dancerspose #yogaphotography #yogaoutside #mondayinspiration #raiseyourvibration #journey #yogajourney #findyouredge #photography #photoshoot #dance #yogapose #yogateacher
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With over 65 class styles, you’ll never get bored. #TruFusion #TruTribe #FindYourEdge
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A complete pre-workout to give you an edge in your workouts. #FindYourEDGE . #Repost/Review by @powerthrupain ・・・ Some people say pre-workouts are nothing more than caffeine. Those people aren’t entirely wrong; a bad pre-workout is little more than caffeine. But a great pre-workout is far more than just flavored caffeine water. Let me break it down for you. • The @edgefitnessperformance pre has 10 effective and well studied ingredients that help with pump, energy, endurance, and hydration. • PUMP - Citrulline Malate 7g - Taurine 2g - Arginine 1.5g - Beetroot 500mg All these ingredients are at or near their maximal effective dose and when combined will get you skin ripping pumps within the first few sets, will help your endurance, and bring vital nutrients into your muscles to help performance and recovery. • ENERGY - Caffeine 300mg - Theanine 150mg - Taurine 2g Caffeine is the only stimulant in EDGE. Lately I’ve been using pre’s with caffeine as the only stimulant since it won’t leave you feeling like you got run over by a truck when it wears off. Theanine, when dosed in a 2:1 ratio with caffeine, reduces jitters and increases focus. Taurine adds onto both of these effects so you’re left with a whole bunch of long lasting, clean burning energy. • ENDURANCE - Carnosyn Beta-Alanine 3g - Betaine Anhydrous 2g Both of these will help endurance, power output, and muscle recovery and growth. Great ingredients that should be in any self-respecting pre-workout. • OTHER - CocOrganic Coconut Water Powder 500mg - Bioperine Black Pepper 5mg Coconut water will help keep ya hydrated and save you from cramping and black pepper will help all the other ingredients absorb MUCH better. Another 2 fantastic ingredients that should be in any pre-workout. • EDGE is my new favorite because it’s ingredient profile is just so effective. There’s nothing unnecessary in it and all the ingredients work. It’s an all around solid product and one I’ll be using for a long time! • Use code Luke10 for 10% off.
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Wrap up the year with a good box. 🎁💥🥊#TruFusion #TruTribe #FindYourEdge #Boxing
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