Spending the afternoon wishing that summer would never end. We will have a 1st grader and a pre-k kiddo this year. He told me that he is never going and when I drop him off he will open the door and chase after me 😓😓😓 At least this darling terra cotta planter is distracting me for the time being 😂 . . . . . #Finditstyleit #SMMakeLifeBeautiful #SODomino #JungalowStyle #HomeWithRue #MySMPHome #IDCOatHome #GreigeStyle #OneRoomChallenge #CurrentDesignSituation #ApartmentTherapy
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Got home after a LONG day in the workshop this evening to @jadphotography ‘s jobs - Waaaah he managed to put my massive mirror up in the bathroom (all by himself) and the inserts into the weird window openings to make them feel a bit more like sills - to top this all off he managed to hit the boiler long enough for me to fill half a bath 🙌🏻 YEY . My original plan was to have the mirror on the wall but I wasn’t sure - quite liked it leaning (it also got pretty water marked) but I’m super happy with it - makes the walls feel higher again after your eye being drawn down for a lot of the details - good work JAD 👌🏼 . If you need me I’m gonna be wallowing like a hippo trying to scrub dried up lacquer off of a large proportion of my body - shorts and a vest now doesn’t seem like sensible Workshop wear 🙄
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I love how family heirlooms bring back so many wonderful memories and emotions. What I love about so many of my decor pieces is how much each one truly means. Many pieces are gifts from people we love dearly. It means the world to me to give each item a new home and have the chance to cherish them for many more years.
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