Day 3 from the exchange in Budapest. #findingyourvoice
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Tip 1 — On writing, overall, and to help with #findingyourvoice , refer back to this statement: * * How do I know what I think until I see what I say? * * Free yourself. Edit later. * * #feelthesewords #writingadvice #whatwritersdo #findyourvoice #whatdoyouthink #writingtips #websitewriter #copywriter #growthwriter #howtowrite #passionateentrepreneurs #learnhow #freeyourmindandthink #homeofficedecor #togetherwerise #letsgetyoustarted
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Launch Day! . . I’m thrilled to announce my latest offering, a Private Master Class, Speak Your Truth, Live Your Truth. . . Right now, in the here and now, do you feel that your life is where you want it to be? Do you know how to get where you want to go next in your life? Or is it possible that you’re feeling overwhelmed, undervalued and exhausted most of the time? . . Life can be so much more. It will be so much more of what you want it to be when you learn how to align your values with your voice and your voice with your skills. Not sure what those values are? Not entirely clear what your voice will sound like with new resolve behind it? Maybe you think your skills aren’t up to par? They’re just tools and if others can learn to use them, so can you! . . Want to learn more? The link is in my profile or you can copy & paste . . #lcurtiscoaching #masterclass #gratitude #findingyourvoice #speakingyourtruth #bestpractices
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"There are some avenues of life that cause us to become soldiers for the generations that follow us. I think of the women who first marched and demonstrated so valiantly in order to gain the right to vote – I believe that they understood it wasn’t just so that their voice could be heard during their lifetime, but so that every following woman in their own lifetime could be heard, as well." Read our latest blog from conductor Karin Hendrickson on how the RPS Women Conductors programme is providing women a unique way of sharing their voice. Written as part of our artistic partnership with @abrsm_music >>> #womenconductors #blog #classicalmusicblog #womeninmusic #findingyourvoice
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When I first work with a client, I look to answer a few questions: What is their purpose statement? What are their values? Why do they exist? What need are they meeting in their community? #findingyourvoice #work #biztips
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#mondayinspiration ⭐️Ava DuVernay is a director, producer, and screenwriter. In 2005 she decided to make her first film, a short called “Saturday Night Life”, based on her single mother of 3 grocery shopping experience. She is an inspirational storyteller and a woman dedicated to cultivating art and audiences while utilizing her creative voice and perspective. Her study and knowledge of visual storytelling came from immersing herself into director’s commentary on documentaries and studying filmmakers during her career as a film publicists. Ava DuVernay has broken barriers and continues to inspire us all.⭐️ #findingyourvoice #tellingyourstory #csudh #hollywoodbythehorns #avaduvernay
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