I made a mess, but at least I got some words out on paper and also some words into my brain. It's been a good day so far 🍜📖
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Lembre-se sempre de ir ao cinema ☁️ Qual foi o último filme que você viu? Gostou? Me conta aqui, quero saber! 💕🎥✨ #aartedocinema #cinemaderua #pinkvelvet
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Mamma Mia 2 - its got that carefree summer romance shine of the first, the music is magic as you well know & so is Lily James as the wide eyed beautiful Donna. Not as brilliant as its predecessor but it sells itself well through the story, the cast, the music & a holiday to Greece. 3/5 🌟FTD 60th.
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Here’s a little preview of a few things we did down at Utah Beach! There’s a huge wreck in the middle of the sea from WW2 😬 My previous post is a shot of one of the rooms inside of it. 📸 Merci ACTION BEN! A.K.A @bencauch 😂
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