Tilda Swinton as the ancient one is coming back on screen in the upcoming avengers endgame. It is known that she used the forces from dark dimensions to live a long life. But she was dead in Dr strange movie. Surprisingly Marvel has not included Benedict Cumberbatch as dr strange in the cast list. They are playing with our emotions 😀😀 #cinema #fil#filmie #moviereview #movierecommendation #film #filmbuff #filmreview #allaboutmovies #movielove #marvel #avengersendgame #doctorstrange
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Pertama kali hadir sekilas di Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) dan menjadi bagian dari Justice League (2017) dalam memerangi Steppenwolf, Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) alias The Flash adalah sosok superhero yang diberkahi kecepatan kilat Walaupun sempat kecewa karena belum bisa menyaksikan aksi The Flash dalam waktu dekat, para penggemar tetap optimis bahwa film ini nantinya akan tampil memukau. Salah satu yang membuat para fans yakin adalah aksi Ezra Miller sebagai Barry Allen yang sukses meraih atensi di Justice League. Dilansir dari GWW, Warner Bros. dilaporkan sudah menetapkan tanggal produksi film The Flash, yaitu pada November tahun ini. . #geeknews geek #geeks #film #filme #movie #movies #movienight #movietime #review #filmreview #moviereview #cinema #action #drama #romantic #comedy #horror #thriller #fantasy #scifi #historical #adventure #superhero #dc #warnerbros #justiceleague #dcextendeduniverse
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#50s60s科幻片系列 —— [Invasion of the Body Snatchers] 1956 —— 個人認為這是一部滿神的電影 (第一篇的第一句話就如此空泛 從劇情的鋪陳到角色設定到道具的選用 都規劃得恰到好處 故事開頭男主角Dr. Miles在急診室的一個診間 被認為是神經病 因為他講的故事極荒謬 沒有人願意相信他 電影使用倒敘法搭配Miles的旁白把故事重現一遍 Miles是一位醫生 在他住的小鎮Santa Mira開始出現一些病患 他們都得了一種叫Capgras delusion的精神疾病 這種疾病會使患者認為周圍的家人朋友 是陌生人喬裝的 怪的是 這些病患隔幾天就會莫名其妙的自己痊癒 都會笑笑地說沒事了 Miles有一位漂亮的高中前女友Becky這陣子回到鎮裡 他們重修舊好 但就在他們約會過程中被打斷 Miles的好友Jack在家中找到一具屍體 五官不清楚 Miles Becky Jack 和 Jack老婆 一行四人待在Jack家想辦法 這時Jack老婆發現屍體的五官長得跟Jack一模一樣 dun dun dun 反正就是某種外力使人們只要睡著就會出現大花苞 這些花苞裡就是無感的自己 然後真正的自己就會消失 消失去哪裡電影沒有交代 這算是這部電影唯一的小缺點 無感的人類們跟一般人沒兩樣 只是他們沒血沒淚很無情 所以主角們就開始逃 因為他們不想變成無感人類 重點是無感人類們會追殺他們 逼他們去睡覺 —— 講到這裡好了 我還不太習慣寫短短的影評 因為平常電影課交的影評報告都可以寫八百字 才發現要用簡短的話寫影評真的好難 —— 整部電影沒有冷場 比較不喜歡的是Becky的角色設定 超弱的 感覺像個拖油瓶 演無感時突然尖叫 逃跑時又跑不動 最後還睡著 變成無感人 有一種說法是 這種無感的”擴散”可以象徵當時二戰後冷戰時期人們對於共產情緒的恐懼 覺得共產黨默默的存在你我當中卻不知道誰才真正是 看這部電影心裡一直覺得毛毛的 但也不是真的很恐怖 所以才覺得劇本寫得真好 —— #invasionofthebodysnatchers #天外魔花 #電影 #影評 #科幻片 #filmreview #jkdyin
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mungkin film GEETHA GOVINDAM (Bollywood) ini cocok untuk para jomblo... #infofilm #filmbollywood #filmreview
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Movies 2019 - 84. The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (2019; written by Phil Lord and Chris Miller; directed by Mike Mitchell) . 🌮🌮 1/2 (2 1/2 tacos) . The happy LEGO world is thrown into chaos by the invasion of Duplo. It’s pretty incredible how successful the first LEGO film was upon its initial release. The concept was mocked prior to its release, but the end result was a delightful, imaginative comedic adventure. The film inspired two spinoffs, one featuring Batman and the other dealing with the Ninjago toy line. The Batman spinoff was a pretty solid success. The Ninjago one, not so much. Perhaps that was a sign of fatigue for the LEGO franchise. Undeterred, the creative team behind the original film went ahead on a sequel. Sadly, The Second Part really reaches for a story, tries too hard on the comedy, and spends far too much time in the real world. Right from the get go, the sequel feels like it doesn’t really know exactly what story to tell to further these characters. The charming secondary characters of the first film are pushed further into the background while Emmet, Wildstyle, and Batman become the primary focus. That is until we incorporate new characters. Those new characters can be fun, but things just feel so disjointed that it never really finds its groove. The best bit is the addition of Rex Dangervest, another character voiced by Chris Pratt, but Pratt is doing his best Kurt Russell impression. The cameo appearances by Bruce Willis are also fun. One of the better moments from the first film was how the cameras pulled back to reveal that its story was a symbolic parallel to events happening in the lives of humans. The filmmakers must have really liked that sequence and misinterpreted its effectiveness because in this sequel, there is far too much going on or impacted by the real world. Maya Rudolph cameos as the mom in those moments and she seems to be doing the most “cash that paycheck” acting of her career thus far. This is one that I am sure younger audiences will probably feel much more attached to, but so little of this film stuck with me that I have already forgotten it and moved on. That’s not what you want from a franchise in flux.
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Florence Foster Jenkins (2016) Director: Stephen Frears Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama #mov#moviees #mov#movietime #movietime #moviejunkie #moviereview #moviegeek #movienight #movielovers #movie #films #filmreview #pigmarked #drama #biography #comedy
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