Brow Brews. Rasberry Hibiscus and Ginger Green Tea Kombucha doing their thing. I cant wait to try the Ginger Green Tea!
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Yeast for daaaays! #beermail is the shit. Hydrometer didn't survive shipping though. My boys at @morebeer_official got my back doe. Going to start snagging wort from work to make my starters No more buying dme!🤙🍻📬🔬 . . . . #morebeer #yeastwrangling #yeaststarter #fermentation #homebrew #dohomebrew #bre#brewgram #beergram #craftbeerlover #craftbrewer #homebrewer #probrewer #beerporn #beergasm #diybeer #craftbeerlife #brew #brewyourown #beernerd #beermeifyouseeme #imperialorganics #gigayeast #whitelabs #brewtime #beerwithme
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One of the best things to wake up to. 🤗
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Raise your hand if you love @len@lennyboybrewingco Kombucha🙋🏻‍♀️ US TOO! . Thanks to founder and owner Townes Mozer we are all able to enjoy these kombucha creations. But with craft beer being so huge in Charlotte, kombucha-a fermented non-alcoholic beverage,was a path less taken. We wanted to know What made him a master of this craft? & WHY Kombucha? . “A lot of labor, love and timing. I started brewing kombucha, beer, & mead in 2008 while in college at UNCW. I love it! It is amazing to brew and allow fermentation to do its work. Creating something you could never create without this natural process of fermentation. I have relentlessly brewed, studied, test, sourced ingredients for kombucha for a decade, so if you work at something 12-15 hours a day 6-7 days a week you get to know fermentation as a whole.” . That is some serious dedication👏🏻👏🏻If you haven’t made it out to Lenny Boy Brewing Co. GET OUT THERE! Not only can you enjoy their traditional flavors on tap, but they also have new flavors available in the taproom almost every week! Want more than kombucha? Guess what, they also brew their own beer and wild ale, host countless community events like trivia nights, artist markets, live music, yoga & food events. “Our mantra is Culture Matters whether it is kombucha culture, beer culture, arts, science, agriculture, music you name it we want to boost up our community and be meeting point for our community.” . And for those days you want Kombucha on the go, it’s available in a number of super markets, bottle shops & restaurants around the southeast in their new resealable bottle design. @lennyboybrewingco #charlotteiscreative #cmcraft
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