Yesterday was apparently #nationalmacaronday 🌸 and I didn’t want to miss out on showing love to the best vegan macarons in the world! - These beauties are from @confectionerynyc 🌷 and to say that they’re almost too beautiful to eat would be an understandment. They’re made with such love and care that even the tiniest bite warms my heart. - This is a #tbt to the first time I had them last fall and since then I’ve probably order close to 100 or more (not including their pastries and @lagustasluscious chocolates 🍫 or the macarons stuffed into @peacefulprovisions’ donuts 🍩 !) - If you’re in New York or you see @sweetmaresas at @vegandale, @eatdrinkvegan or any other good festival, please trust me when I say they’re worth it.
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People tell me I have amazing skin. But I know that if I don’t follow my skin care routine DAILY it all goes to shot real quick. There’s always consistency behind the things we envy or desire. That girl with the slamming bod? She probably has a gym routine and diet that would put most of us to shame. That guy with all those awesome cars? Sleepless nights and long days of hard work to build an empire that allows him those luxuries. Consistency. Purposefully making sure that little voice in your head stays out of your way. Hard. Work. Every. Day. There are a million things we don’t see on the surface. Put in the work. There are no shortcuts to greatness. #consistency #routine #effort #growth #personaldevelopment #bebetter #skincare #clinique #rodanandfields #moisturise #feedyoursoul #growyourmind #growthmindset
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Have you voted? We’re in the running for a Small Business Grant from FedEx. Help us out. #Vote once a day until April 1st! #FeedYourSoul (link in bio)
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CHEESE AND THANK YOU 🧀🥓🍳 @blackseedbagels
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