On this snow ❄️ day, LET’S TALK BOOKS!!! 🤓Do you read one book at a time 📘 or many at once? 📚 Have you always loved to read? Wish you did it more? Do you like fiction or nonfiction? Poetry or prose? 📝 I grew up with two writers / English professors for parents (four if you count my godparents), so books and writing have always been a part of my identity. In elementary school teachers would reprimand me for walking the halls with my face in a book.🤷🏽‍♀️ On the stairs they’d yell at me to look where I was going (this was obvi before we had phones to stare at 24/7). True story: in 1st grade I was already reading “Anne Frank”. I remember my parents taking me to Barnes and Noble: I’d run around furiously picking up books until they would finally sit me down and make me decide on just two to take home. My indecisive personality was already very much in place 🙄 so I would insist on reading at least the first chapter of each book so that I could make the most informed decision. 😂 At the end of this I’d inevitably still be left with more than two contenders, so I’d sit there painstakingly touching the smooth covers, doing eeny-miney-mo, and staring at the blurbs, trying to decide which ones to take home. NO JOKE. The truth is, I’m more or less the same now, except I just have an @amazon Book Wishlist filled with hundreds of titles and a stack next to my bed that constantly grows, and ebbs and flows as I make my way through them. Although my reading tendencies are not quite as ravenous as they once were, I’ve made it a point to read when I can. It seems to be mostly Non-Fiction these days, and usually more than one at a time, but I just love books period. And, it just so happens that my mom has an awesome library of her own (#blessed), including a whole collection of Feminist writing, hence these three new additions - “Unbearable Weight”, “A History Of Women’s Bodies”, and “The Birth Of Pleasure”. Luckily for me, today is a perfect day to snuggle up in bed with a book or three. (P.S. my dream is to one day write my own book) 💭☺️📚 #somanybookssolittletime
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Langer Lab scientist date night 👍🏾❤️😍 w/ @ritu.raman @myersandchang Edamame and mustard green dumplings, Massaman curry potatoes, wok-charred udon noodles, black pepper Shanghai noodles . . . #myersandchang #womeninstem #southend #southindians #labdinner #imalwayshungry #hungryscientist #vegetarian #lactoovovegetarian #healthy #bostoneats #instagood #instafood #nomnom #bostonfoodies #yummy #foodies #foodlover #ins#instayum #foo#foodforfoodies #fee#feedyoursoul #foodporn #healthyfood #instayum #foodstagram #foodforfoodies #foodography #foodprnshare #feedyoursoul #eaterboston #eatingboston
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#Repost @connect.ae with @get_repost ・・・ Win a Ticket to Manila with Casa Pinoy Restaurant - Karama 1st Anniversary Promo! Win 1 RAFFLE ENTRY for every AED100 spent on Dine-In, Delivery, Take-Aways until April 30...plus!!!Friday Buffets@AED30 from 7 - 10pm with FREE ISAW!!! For booking and deliveries: 043371652 / 0567658994 Find them: https://connect.ae/f/casa+pinoy:er5153662 #Filipino #Restaurant #Dubai #UAE
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The brunch spread that speaks to me
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I'm so fascinated by the medicinal benefits of common herbs. I've been slowly getting into it. Made my first stinging nettle infusion this week. This stuff is super powered from all I read AND it was sooo good served over ice. Highly recommend. It also is supposed to be a very nutritious herb for kids too. ❤️Plus so pretty in the mason jar warming in the window sunlight. ✨
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VEGAN SUSHI BURGER 🍙 loaded with Teriyaki Shredded Jackfruit "Chicken", avocado, pickled ginger, vegan mayo & red cabbage @sobeautifullyreal ✨ Sam inspires me with the most incredible plant-based food that I hope and pray to one day devour🧚‍♀️ #sharethelove
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