I didn't star this journey with the intention of capturing other families memories. I just wanted to capture my own. As a young girl I would look through family photo albums (we had an album of tin type photos) in awe. I felt sort of transported to that time and place just by staring at photos. Photos have a way of doing that. They take you right back to the moment. My son was six in this photo. We were at a fall festival. There was a balloon artist and Hayden asked for an airplane. He spent the rest of the day running around with that balloon soaring as high as his hand could reach. He's ten now. He still loves planes but it feels as though that small spark of boyhood is fading right before my eyes. Without this photo maybe I'd forget that on a warm fall day a boy only needed this balloon and his imagination to take flight. #runwildmychild #letthemexplore #rememberwhen #balloonart #capturethemonent #SandraJacksonphotography #dearphotograph #backintime
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“What happens when people open their hearts?" "They get better.” - Murakami — @amyboehly and @lizz_sooy ❤️❤️
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