Have a turtle-y awesome #wildlifewednesday Don’t be sturtled if you see wildlife when visiting the landfill. We have eastern box, wood, and snapping turtles. All the #turtles are s’cute. We have yet to spot a mutant turtle but lots of pizza does get delivered here. #corralfarm #puns #fauquier
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Moo Thru’s ice cream truck will be at 1st Friday next week!!! 😋🍦Come experience live music, family entertainment, great vendors, yummy food and a Beer & Wine garden! Select stores will be staying open late, and some will even have wine tastings! 6 pm - 9 pm on Main Street! #LOVEwarrenton #experienceOTW #1stfridaywarrentonva _______________________ #warrentonva #fauquier #LOVEva #smalltowncharm #mainstreet #mainstreetusa #visitfauquier
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It’s a little too far to tell in the photo, but that calf on the right has a serious milk mustache. Y’all, you know that feeling when your day has been so nuts that you are too tired to pour yourself a drink and you just go to bed? Today is that day. Dylan’s been hustlin’ and bustlin’ around all day, as usual. Well, he told me this AM that a small lamb decided to go rouge and was down in the fenced in area with the pond. Kicker was that he wasn’t going to be around to help me wrangle up this little babe, but, I thought, no problem, it’s just a little baby lamb. After today, we are entering this lamb into national triathlons. This thing SPRINTED away from the dogs, took a swan dive into the pond, and SWAM 30 yards to the island. It might has well have hopped on a bike and knocked out a few miles. It swam so fast by the time I was taking my phone out of my pocket to jump in, she was already to the island. We get ahold of the John boat, paddle out there, grab her, bring her back in, dry her off, get her some fresh feed, and place her into a more secure pen (aka Alcatraz). Never a dull moment, y’all. We are ready for Cotton to be fully trained.
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If you weren’t able to make it to our job fair last night! Please make sure to visit our website and check out all of our available #jobs with #Fauquier County Government and Public Schools!
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Full and part time positions now available with #Fauquier County #Maintenance & #Repair! Link in Bio! #Locksmith #Masonry #Construction #Building #Mechanic #Virginia #Job
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Licensed Realtor for 15 years. Passionate about happy homes and happy clients. 💚🏡 . . . #ajRealtor #warrentonvahomes #smalltown #fauquier
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Mango Graffiti House is back! 🥭🍻 This seasonal variant of one of our most popular beers uses a mango puree to enhance the flavors found naturally in Mosaic, the showcase aroma hop used in our West Coast IPA. Mango Graffiti House is subtly sweet with a welcome bitterness at the back end that balances out all that delicious tropical flavor. . . Try Mango Graffiti House on draft ➡️today 4/24⬅️ in the taproom!
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#WhyWednesday? The Fresh Harvest was founded to support farms that practice cruelty free & humane farming techniques. . . Ensuring that our farmers are raising animals the right way, we are able to deliver the healthiest, freshest and most sustainably harvested food right to your door! For anyone interested, we’re happy to provide tours of our farms to show you EXACTLY where your food comes from. Have a great Wednesday!!!
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