Healthy food upgrades don’t have to be ultra complicated. Simple swaps are usually the best way to go! 🐔 . Example: One #chicken thigh with the skin has 250-300 calories and 16-19 grams of fat 🤯 (I mean, just look at the #grease in the picture lol). One chicken breast is 150-200 calories and 4-6 grams of fat. No contest. . Y’all know I rave about chicken thighs because of their taste, but I eat breasts most of the time. Trust me, I’d eat chicken thighs all the time if they weren’t so ridiculous on the nutritional side 😏 . Also trust, I’m usually all about indulging in dark #meat, but we’re not talking about men here 😂 So yeah, eat more white meat. . Also, if you haven’t seen it, the “Fit Snatch Course: Personal Training Guidelines for Maximal Results” guide is on sale for $9 (regular $19) 👙 If your goal results are slooooooow (or worst, nonexistent) it’ll be one of the the best things you’ve gotten for under 10 bucks in a long time👌🏾Link in bio.
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| Magnum 🍦 | Common comment before eating #fatteningfood or #sweets are like this ☟ • " You put on weight or you look fat " "Ya.. I know " "You should go to this exercise or xxxx gym " "Okay... I will look into more details" 📡 • And... continue licking my #icecream 👅 coz #dietstartstomorrow 📅
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We had hundreds of the sky rats around us. I was actually a bit scared 😂😂 #waitingforgrace #rainbowsnightout #fatteningfood #merseafish #soberevening #defnotmissingasneakycider
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So pretty. So deadly. Smells heavenly. #cinnamonrolls #fatteningfood #deliciousbutdeadly #auntcooking
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🍖bbq dinner with our msbong ❤️ #fatteningfood #bbq #distinctidentitypteltd
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