It was such a good night at the game with one of the most important men in my life. I’m thankful for him everyday. All the advice he’s ever given me. The food he’s put on my plate. Each hug and kiss goodbye and hello. He’s worked so hard. >>>He’s the kind of father they all talk about wanting.<<< I will never take him for granted. I know better. Y’all, I cry too much when I think about my dad. I’m just so thankful. My heart is so full of love... it’s honestly overflowing. So here’s to my dad, Another year older (as of the 10th). Another year wiser. (Thank goodness because I’ll be needing more advice in this life.) #love #fatherdaughterlove #qualitytime #hockeygame #pensacolaiceflyers #flyerswin #pensacolablogger #ladylemonblog #floridablogger
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May my daughter always know she is smart, strong and beautiful. #fatherdaughterlove #worldtome #happiness #love #newerletyoudown
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Your the reason that keeps me in this world. Every day I get up to work for something better for us😩❤️❤️#fatherdaughterlove I’ll never stop chasing a better chance for us.
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My Princess and I at the our Second Daddy Daddy Dance and many more to come. I love you!!! #Fatherdaughterlove #blacklove #Daddydaughterdance
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