#Repost @oakwoodfmarket • • • • • This Saturday is our farmers market! Hopefully the weather will stay beautiful 🌞 remind your friends and remember to bring your own bags 🌱 #oakwood #oakwoodclock #oakwoodmarket #oakwoodfarmersmarket #farmersmarket #market #fresh #local #produce #organic #freerange #delicious #tasty #oakwoodfamily
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We had an amazing set of orders this week, someone even ordered eggplant 😂. Thank you to everyone who ordered, you are the reason why we refuse to get discouraged and give up. They arrive and go to their new homes today. You to can be part of the @perkgveggies family by placing your order now 😊. Currently taking orders for next week. 🍆🥦🥒🌶🥔🥕🍋
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Coffee & tea ❤ 在美國第一次買茶,咖啡則是農夫市集發現的好味道,去年一試成主顧,多次越洋購買,老闆都認得我們了❤ #tea #coffee #farmersmarket
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Bagels 🙌🏻🍞🥖🥐 Who doesn’t love the round circles of goodness! Sometimes I just crave a good bagel and some cashew creme cheese! And sometimes I go wild and add a little jam on top too 😜So whenever I have the free time I make homemade ones, but every once and awhile things get a little too busy so the bulk bread bins at the grocery store really save the day! 👏🏼🌿 You can buy all different types in bulk! Blueberry, cinnamon raisin, poppy seeds, everything bagel, plain, sesame seed, the list goes on 👌🏼🍇🌼 So you can grab your favourite bagels to go in your own cloth/mesh bag and it’s wonderful because you can choose just as many as you need! In prepackaged bagel packages you get 6-8 bagels which as we all know can be too many and some become food waste which is such a shame! Why buy a set amount when you can get just what you need and save money too! 😁👌🏼💰Each bagel cost 74 cents so in total we spent 2.20 cents on our bagels and they were tremendous, plus we avoided plastic packaging, what could be better? Does anyone else remember that “Father Of The Bride” scene where Steve Martin only wants to buy 6 hot dog buns to go with his 6 hot dogs but buns are sold in packs of 8 so he starts removing 2 from each package? I always think about that scene and laugh! 😂 If only Steve Martin new about bulk buns! 👏🏼 Happy bagel buying to all! #zerowaste
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明日から出勤。2キロ太ってました🙇とりあえず今朝7キロ走ってきました🏃💨💨 A weight scale indicated I got 2kg fat last night. So,,, well, I ran 7 km in this morning. #farmersmarket #bakery #bread #wheat #organic #ny<#ny #ithaca #sweat #hot #rest #homecooking #healthy #sunday #morning #breakfast #ny #オーガニック
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The next date for your diary is Sunday 5th August! Join us 10am to 2pm at The Mosslands School #farmersmarket #foodfair #wallaseyfoodfair #wallaseyvillage #artisancrafts
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Some wonderfully #strange #tomatoes at the #farmersmarket #lausanne
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