This coffee table is one of our favourite pieces of all time. The wood is sourced from here in the Forrest city and it is handcrafted by our very own Jesse! She isn’t cheap, and for that we are grateful to still have her; however, we would be thrilled to see her in your living room 😍
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When you look back and wish you would’ve brushed it out one more time 🙈🙈 still loved how it turned out though 😍
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❎TIP OF THE DAY❎ Pls DO NOT wash your hair the morning of a colour service. Leave it dirty/greasy Colour holds better & it's less static. Clean hair can also be too slippery. A clean scalp the morning of can also cause scalp irritation because it won't have any natural oils to protect it.
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B l o n d e ❌Remember ladies I am no magician. I can not fix/make you platinum in one sitting..(unless you have virgin hair) lightening takes time and patience. T r u s t the process Being blonde is an investment. Prices will always vary with each client & each session. *Use proper hair care products at home and do treatments 2-3 times a month❌
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