National Pet Day and dreaming of warm sunny days 🌞 #nationalpetday
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Pre workout from a wine glass is definitely my new favorite!!
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You know being happy is a choice, right? Same as being stressed or mad.... Obviously there are legitimate reasons for feeling one way or another, but if you let all the other feelings take over, then you'll never feel happy. CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!
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Caden and I had a good time hanging out watching Avrey sled yesterday! She and the other kids that reached their reading goals got to sled all day instead of sitting in class.
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My little Halloween pumpkin made it to Valentine's day before it got a little ishy. Not a bad run, little dude. You were loved. #halloween #fall #fallismyseason #idontcareifitsfebruary #valentinesday #halloweenonvalentinesday #pumpkin
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Who says you can't drink pre workout from a wine glass??
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💕Valentine's Day hair!💕
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Haha it's true though....😂
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