We’re Celebrating the First Day of the Fall Season with our Amazing Long Island Pumpkin Butter. Buy at the Union Square Green Market today or on line. Link in bio.
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Hello Fall, I've missed you. I love you. I welcome you back with open arms🍁☔🎃🖤 #fall #rainydays #fallseason #weather #fallismyfavorite #hellofall #loveit #chilly #hoodies #snuggles #hotchocolate #thisislove #thankyou #thatlupusgirl #lup#lupuslife #lupus #spoonie
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I grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. There are no seasons, it’s an endless summer. I know it’s what attracts most people. While I love summer, I also appreciate a reprieve from the heat. I grew up longing to experience seasons. I moved to Virginia Beach, VA when I was 21, right in the middle of winter. It was a total shock to this FL girl. I then moved to Maryland and Washington DC. I spent 3 years in this area, where I experienced my first blizzard. The Blizzard of ‘93 was a big one. Winter and I were never friends. However, I was also introduced to Autumn. I vividly remember visiting the Shenandoah Valley that first Fall. I was smitten with the vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows. Fall immediately became my favorite season. I moved back to FL for half a year, then back to VA for 3 years. I absolutely loved VA. It’s where I met Jim. It’s where he proposed and technically where we got married. It’s where I became a mom. Then I got to move to San Diego, CA for a few months. It’s where Jim and I were newlyweds and had our first home together. It holds a special place in our hearts. It was another favorite but no seasons to speak of. Jim and I ended up moving back to south FL when I was 28. I never intended to go back. VA or NC was our plan. It just worked out that he got a good job offer there. 20 years later, he’s with the same company so that worked out. So he got out of the Navy and we moved back to my home town with the intention of moving to VA or NC in 3-5 years. We ended up living in south FL for 12 years! And every single year, I missed Fall terribly! One of the reasons we wanted to move to NC (which we did 8 years ago) was to experience seasons again, especially Fall. It has not disappointed me. Autumn remains my favorite season, with summer following as a close second. The changes of Fall happen too quickly, but I’m so thankful I live in a place where I get to experience it. Welcome Fall, I’m happy you are here.
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Take me to the pumpkin patch! 🎃🎃🎃 Anyone else love fall as much as I do?! 🍁🍂Comment below with your favorite fall activity!
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Welcome Fall! I’m finally ready for you! Bring on the crisp air, the colorful leaves, and the pumpkin spice everything I’ve been avoiding for the last 30 days! #autumn #autumndecor #fall #falldecor #fallishere #fallismyfavorite #autumnishere
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