This is Elliott. He’s our last baby (not so much a baby anymore since he’s 2 now and already saying full sentences) and a source of unending snuggles and entertainment for us all. . I have the heart of a large family mom. Pretty sure that’s some kind of miracle in itself since I was never much of a kid person and raising a family wasn’t even on my radar until I became radically saved by Christ (isn’t salvation through Christ always radical, come to think of it? 🤔). The new heart He gave me included a large family mom feature. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I was as surprised as anyone! But I absolutely l.o.v.e. it. . Elliott is our last child. (6 c-sections was my body’s limit, apparently.) Over the holidays I grieved the end of the challenging but wonderful season of new babies and nursing. Thankfully, I was surrounded by understanding moms (including my own mom) who get me and encouraged me through it. . This past year I learned... . That it’s ok to grieve the end of a season while at the same time looking with expectant joy into a new one. . That a tribe of women who encourages and builds each other up with truth and compassion — with no cattiness or drama — is worth its weight in gold. (Oh, let us always be this way for each other, friends!!!). . That it’s possible to still have occasional heart pangs for more children while at the same time being completely content with the blessings we have been graced with. . And I’ve learned that these years are so very, very short. I’m so grateful for the brief time I have with these precious little souls! . The best and most important work we can do is to love our children well and point them to Christ. . Our time together isn’t guaranteed... Let’s stay focused on the most important things, mamas. ❤️ . #proverbialhomemaker
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Talk about finding complete rest and hope. Our physical bodies are indeed breaking down and dying. However, the Lord promises to renew our spirits everyday. And that's not a passive suggestion that it's every other day or once a week, no, our spirits are renewed everyday. Paul emphasizes this in Romans 12:2 with the renewing of our minds, -don't copy the behaviour and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will know what God wants you to do, and you will know how good and pleasing and perfect his will really is.- Comment below and let us know ways in which you are practising renewing your mind! . One more time : Don't forget to share & tag your friends 👌
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Happy Solemnity of the Annunciation again and again!💙🎉 . Here are some simple ways to celebrate today (even if the day is almost halfway through🤣): 👇🏻 . Pray the Angelus at 12noon or at 6pm or at BOTH times😉. The Angelus is a prayer that reminds us of what happened at the Annunciation.💙 . Look at different images of the Annunciation--like this one by the very talented @kristyn_brown_photo 😍. Whether alone or with your family, spend a few minutes reflecting on the momentous occasion when the Word became flesh.💙 . If you have kids in your family (like we do!), consider starting the Spiritual Adoption Adventure by @holyheroes today. Basically, you "adopt" an unborn child for 9 months and pray for that child daily as you track his/her development too. Simple but profound. If you start today, you'll end on Christmas Day! 🎉Just google "Holy Heroes Spiritual Adoption Adventure" for more details. 👍🏻 . Sing a hymn or two in honor of Mary. 💙 . Eat waffles for dinner, like @kendra_tierney @catholicallyear and her family do! 😋 (We plan to eat waffles for dessert tonight though, after dinner. 😂) If you're wondering "Why waffles?" Google "Annunciation waffles" for an explanation.😊 . Pray the Rosary!!! Monday is for praying the Joyful Mysteries, and the Annunciation is the first Joyful Mystery.💙 If you can't pray the whole Rosary, at least pray a decade. 😉 . . Go to Mass if you can. One of the best ways to celebrate special days! 💙 . . Enjoy and may you have a blessed celebration with your loved ones!!! (And remember, you may opt to not observe your Lenten sacrifices and penitential works today so enjooooyyyy!) . . . #TrulyRichandBlessed #TRBFaith #liturgicalliving #liturgicallivingph #TRBRelationships #catholic #catholicmom #catholicallyear #catholicfamily #annunciation #totustuus #tojesusthroughmary #catholictradition #faithblogger #tapfluencer #catholicblogger #mommybloggersph #mamamary
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Give it to God and go to sleep! Let Him take care of those worries while you rest.
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