“You’re a bunch of f***king wankers!” He yelled to an online lobby full of 12 year olds. 📰 | Full exclusive at the link in our bio. You can watch our brand new #F1 comedy episode now on YouTube at the link in our bio!
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Mercedes: We can double stack. Horner: Hold my beer. 📰 | Full story at the link in our bio. You can watch our brand new #F1 comedy episode now on YouTube at the link in our bio!
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🇬🇧Azerbaijan GP Preview! ➡️Following three Mercedes 1-2 finishes in the first races, the expectations are high at Baku that always gives us thrilling action! ➡️The 6.003km track debuted in Formula One in 2016, since then, no driver has had more than one race win (Rosberg, Ricciardo, Hamilton) or pole positions (Rosberg, Hamilton, Vettel)! ➡️The Azerbaijan track is composed by 29 corners, 12 to the left and 8 to the right, and two long straights. The main straight is 2.2km long: the longest we will see this year! ➡️The set-ups will have to give the drivers enough speed on the straights but without forgetting the technical middle sector. ➡️The entire Power Unit will play a big role, in fact the MGU-H will be fundamental together with the efficiency of the engine on fuel. 🇮🇹Preview GP dell'Azerbaijan ➡️ Seguendo tre 1-2 Mercedes in altrettante gare, le aspettative sono alte a Baku che ci regala sempre un'azione entusiasmante! ➡️ La pista di 6.003 km ha debuttato in Formula 1 nel 2016, da allora nessun pilota ha avuto più di una vittoria (Rosberg, Ricciardo, Hamilton) o pole position (Rosberg, Hamilton, Vettel)! ➡️Il tracciato dell'Azerbaijan è composto da 20 curve, 12 a sinistra e 8 a destra, e due lunghi rettilinei. Il rettilineo principale è lungo 2.2 km: il più lungo vedremo quest'anno! ➡️ I set-up dovranno dare ai piloti abbastanza velocità sui rettifili ma senza dimenticare il settore tecnico centrale. ➡️ Tutta la Power Unit avrà un ruolo importante, infatti la MGU-H sarà fondamentale insieme all'efficienza del motore sul carburante. •••••• Graphics: @f1.fantasy 📌Follow our backup: @hot@hotlapmodekup 📌Follow our partners for more F1 Content: @f1fanspageofficial @motorsport.info @theracingpilot @hotlapmode is Title Sponsor of @visionracingleague check their content out! •••••• #F1 #201#2019 #hotlapmode #formulaone #formulauno #f1news #f1tech #f1test #f1testing #f1preseason #australiangp #2019 #f12019
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“This is a horrible look for our team, our brand and our country” concedes Binotto. 📰 | Full story at the link in our bio. Watch our new #F1 comedy episode now on YouTube at the link in our bio!
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🔴 NEWS! 🇬🇧 Guenther Steiner affirms that they will suffer again in Baku due to their tire problems, here is explained by the Haas team manager! 🎙️ "These are high-speed tracks with long straights and low-load curves where we can not put the tires on temperature in the race" 🎙️ "Baku will be another difficult Grand Prix for us due to the long slow curves and low energy" 🎙️ "We hope that some of our solutions work, in which we have been working since the test in Bahrain, so that the tires reach the window" 🎙️ "We understand what the problem is, we just could not find solutions in time for the next events, because you need to develop those solutions and parts" ================================= 🇪🇸 Guenther Steiner afirma que volverán a sufrir a en Baku por su problema con los neumáticos, aquí nos lo explica el director del equipo Haas! 🎙️ “Se trata de pistas de alta velocidad con rectas largas y curvas de baja carga en las que no podemos poner en temperatura los neumáticos en carrera“ 🎙️ "Bakú será otro Gran Premio difícil para nosotros debido a las curvas largas y lentas y de poca energía" 🎙️ “Esperamos que algunas de nuestras soluciones funcionen, en las que hemos estado trabajando desde la prueba en Bahrein, para que los neumáticos lleguen a la ventana" 🎙️ “Entendemos cuál es el problema, simplemente no pudimos encontrar soluciones a tiempo para los próximos eventos, porque necesita desarrollar esas soluciones y partes" #F1 #formula1 #formulaone #formel1 #fia #AzerbaijanGP #motorsport #formule1 #F1car #formulauno #redbullracing #mercedesamgf1 #scuderiaferrari #ferrari #mclaren #alfaromeo #renault #haas #tororosso #keepfightingmichael #lewishamilton #sebastianvettel #charlesleclerc #racingpoint #maxverstappen #williams #kevinmagnussen #romaingrosjean #f12019 #f1news
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