Whiskey and bourbon season is upon us, so we’ve stocked up on a few treats for you. Here we have a couple of beauties from @ezrabrooksbourbon- Straight Rye Whiskey (90 proof) and Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (101 proof). Both equally comforting for those chilly evenings 🥃
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So, I emailed the Ezra Brooks whiskey company to find out more about this bottle. I was instructed to check the label for a date and told the company had changed hands some years ago, and that this is a discontinued item. Turns out this whiskey is 57 years old. The label is held together by tape, but the bottle has never been uncorked. Not sure if I will ever drink this, but who knows! #EzraBrooksWhiskey
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$5 Ezra Brooks bourbon whiskey now available! stop in to taste! #hop21 #pingpongbar #ezrabrooks #ezrabrooksbourbon #ezrabrookswhiskey #minneapolisbarspecial
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1974 Ezra Brooks decanter for my strongman. #ezrabrooks #ezrabrookswhiskey #1974
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