E não há nada melhor que isso! É como diz o nosso slogan: BELEZA É SER VOCÊ. ___ #bomdia
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When I look at pictures of who I was with the short hair and a forced smile (just a few years ago) my heart leaps out to her. At the time, I had no idea why I was anxious, stressed and slightly depressed. I had no idea why I didn’t feel seen and supported with the people in my life. I had no idea why I was working in a corporate job feeling miserable, depleted and unappreciated. I had no idea why my romantic relationship of 10 years was frustrating, triggering and unfulfilling. I had no idea why I was becoming deeply overwhelmed with panic attacks which led to becoming agoraphobic. WTF! That was just a few years ago and I had no idea that I created this life based on my lack of self worth, childhood trauma of abandonment and severe conditioning of people pleasing. It all comes down to deeply loving ourselves over everybody and everything. It has to do with being deeply committed to choosing and investing in ourself over everyone else’s needs and wants. It has to do with taking good care of our body with stress management tools (breathwork), meditation, healthy diet, yoga and paying attention to our thoughts and how we feel. It has to do with not doing things we dont’ want to anymore, NO is a complete sentence (no explanation needed). When I finally chose myself and invested whatever I needed to shift from a woman with no self worth to an empowered woman who has healthy boundaries, expresses her truth, lives by desire and fun, chooses who is in her life and has big bold, badass visions for herself, this is when I became the happiest person I know! I am living my purpose of holding safe space for people to break free of limited conditioning, patterns that are self sabatoging, people pleasing and whatever else is keeping people small and unfulfilled. Next level is creating this virtual women’s empowerment sisterhood where we can come together weekly and be with our tribe who love and hold us accountable to living a beautiful badass life. The time is now! If you are a hell yes to be part of this tribe, dm for the link to register. #empowerment #loveyourself #women #tribe #connection #levelup #riseup #strong #express #truth #badass #bebold
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Aros de resina amarilla con forma curva. Tamaño 4 x 1,5 cm. Consulta precios, stock y entregas al DM 💌 #earrings #res#resinings #cla#clayings #resin #clay #acrilic #retro #accesories #reac #in #love #express
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