This drone photograph was taken over a beautiful marsh maze just off of the Intracoastal Waterway in #WilmingtonNC. You can find it on all kinds of awesome products including pillows, jewelry, and even umbrellas at #BlueMoonGiftShops in Wilmington. Not a local? Not a problem! Visit the link in our profile and shop online for even MORE photo product possibilities. We appreciate your support! #shopsmallilm
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What’s your “why”? Around here, we love to keep a focus on our purpose throughout everything that we do! 〰️ Photo by: @rafaela_alyssa
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hello my friends 👋 quite a few of you have reached out to check on me and i can’t explain what that means to me. . i have always been the person to try and cover my sadness/pain/hurt/struggle with, “I’m doing great! How about you?” but i am learning that I am not doing myself, or this world we live in, any favors by not speaking the truth. . The truth is, I’m not okay. . My body has been whispering to me for some time now that she needs rest and restoration. . I’ve heard her but continued pressing forward and this weekend I heard her loud and clear. . I am one who has always viewed my autoimmunity with a positive perspective. From the moment I was told the Celiac test was positive, I knew God had plans for this life changing diagnosis. I’ve cared for myself, used real food as medicine, changed my lifestyle, omitted toxins, treated myself with love and care and wisdom; but, in the world of autoimmunity, even “doing your best” sometimes doesn’t feel like enough. . With that being said, I’d love to open the floor for any questions regarding autoimmunity or celiac disease 👉 how i manage my health, what signs and symptoms I’ve been experiencing, how did I find out, etc. . I have never wanted to identify myself solely based on my autoimmune disease, rather, it’s a part of me 👉 But I’ve found so many are interested and curious about learning more; therefore, I am happy to share my experience. . Finally, I will only be showing up on IG as I feel best physically and mentally. I hope to see you here when I do ❤️ . . . . . #cel#celiacdisease #glutenfree #aip #autoimmunewarrior #autoimmunity #celiac #purposefulliving #wrightsvillenc #wrightsvillebeach #wilmingtonnc #exploreilm #wellnessblogger #cuy#cuyana #minimalistwardrobe #autoimmunedisease #fewerbetter #eve#everlanedenim #cuyana #everlane
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DM or EMAIL me for any inquires about framed photography!
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Perfect way to end the day is on the beach watching the sun set 🙌🏽
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Some kind of love💕
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This artist does not only make tables; he also knows how to ship. The Console Table in next photo was encased and secured inside a wooden crate then wrapped in corrugated cardboard. The shipment was received without a scratch! 🚚 One more happy customer!! 👍| @wilmingtoncitymarket | @nanalewlew | @barouke_finewoodcrafts
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