A beach picnic on our weekend explorations... 🚌 🍓☀️ It was so good to sit in the sun after a long cold winter. Eli fell asleep on the bus, and slept through most of the picnic, but woke up in time to enjoy a lay in the sun with us. Just like his Mama - he can still nap anywhere!! Blog post: http://travelingwithjc.com/beach-picnic-bus-104-adventures/ #Qingdao 🇨🇳
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We are clearing out stock of our beautiful fine bone China dinnerware - so if you had always wanted to buy our dinner -now is the time as we are giving 50% off! #artfulhousesing #hometobeautifulfinds #artfulhousesingapore #tanboonliatbuilding #sghomedecor #sginterior #expatguidesingapore #discoversingapore #expatliving
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Out of context cute-house-and-vintage-car combo to say there’s a new #NonNativePod episode up featuring the wonderful @nikiwhittle. Niki spent several years living in Bangalore, India, before moving to (and living across) the USA. She kindly took time to chat to me about what it’s like to stand out of the crowd, and making friends as a self-employed business owner. 🇬🇧✈️🇮🇳✈️🇺🇸 This episode is available on iTunes, Spotify, Sticher and Google Podcasts, so give it a listen and hit subscribe to make sure you don’t miss next week’s episode! 🎧 #immigration #womenwhopodcast
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If you are in San Diego and need a gym for the day check out @goeosfit ! The outdoor area was one of the coolest features I have seen in any gym around the world. #fitness #exercise #gym #lift #weightlifting #sandiego #cal#caliia #ZurichNutrition #expat #expatlife #expatliving #wanderlust #bucketlist #travel #outdoors #hiit #cali #clanginandbangin
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My first baby ♥️ 🐶 Nothing reminds me more of how miserable winter is like the first day it's over 58°F. I was sweating just standing on the balcony and it was glorious😝 And naturally I am feeling all sorts of feelings about our time here in Warsaw. That everything last year was for the first time and now I'm experiencing things as possibly, the last time. Our last Fat Thursday or our last winter (sorry but not gonna miss ya). 😭😭😭😭 Does anybody else have your heart residing in two different locations?? Also thank you to @moringawhat for this photo I will cherish forever #ourexpatlife #ourpolandlife #warsawpoland #expatliving #europeliving
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Allowing and surrendering with the spring blossoms 🌸🇫🇷⁣ ⁣ The last few weeks have been spent greeting Spring here in my home of #Strasbourg France. The temperatures have been warm enough for my spring dresses, the magnolias and cherry blossom trees are in full bloom 🌸 and although I sometimes wished I had some families here in Strasbourg to photograph with these gorgeous blossoms (instead of continuing to get asked to photograph families in the busy city of Paris - which I don’t really want to do 🤷🏼‍♀️ #naturegirl )... I am allowing 🙏🏻I spend my free time picnicking along the banks with Alex 💕 acting like a gross and totally smitten newly wed couple, writing pages and pages everyday in my notebooks, studying and photographing the beautiful spots around my town 🇫🇷 ⁣ ⁣ I have never surrendered more. And I have never felt so much peace with what is. I don’t know if it’s all of my spiritual reading and note-taking that’s allowed me to see a different perspective or the time spent in nature I’ve enjoyed in the last few weeks... or if I’ve just simply matured plenty in the 9 months, but I truly have no idea what my future holds...and yet, it feels so SO utterly and completely right and peaceful. ⁣ ⁣ Isn’t that wild? Not knowing...is my most peaceful state. ✨⁣Surrendering to what is and calmly allowing the Universe to take me exactly where I’m meant to be. I’m along for the ride 🌊 ⁣ I have never loved the human journey more. 🌱
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