Саудовская Аравия - современная страна королей и принцев. А куда же королевству без зАмка?! Потерявшись среди улочек Джидды, мы набрели случайно на этот дом (а, может, это и не дом🤷‍♀️). И я не могла оторвать от него 👀. И не потому, что у него оригинальный цвет, и не потому, что он такой величественный... Просто он очень уж особенный, его нельзя пройти мимо! А как воображение-то оживляет... Может, в этом современном зАмке наверху сидит такая современная принцесса 👸 и строчит смски своему принцу😄 Мол, будешь ехать с работы, купи хлеба по дороге😜 Saudi Arabia is a kingdom, and whats a kingdom without castles?! 🤨 Walking around #Jeddah, we got a bit lost and stumbled upon this #VisiblyUnremarkable house (or perhaps its not a house 🏠), and I couldn’t take my 👀 off it. My vivid imagination was triggered! May be somewhere in the top tower of the #ModernCastle there is a modern princess 👸 waiting her prince from work and whatsapping him something like ‘Hon, can you get some bread for dinner on the way home?’ 😆 #Королевство #СовременныйЗамок #ГлазНеОторвать #ОсобенныйДом #НеобычнаяАрхитектура #ЭкспатВДжидде #УлицыДжидды #СиреневыйДомик #ExtraordinaryCastle #CantTakeMyEyesOffYou #ImaginationAtWork #SomethingSpecial #NotAnOrdinaryHouse #FuchsiaInArchitecture #JeddahArchitecture #WanderingTheStreetsOfJeddah #ExpatInJeddah #LikeIt😍
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My first months in Jeddah were busy — unpacking, decorating house, preparing to welcome our baby and plunge into the world of motherhood. And getting acquainted with my new habitat, of course… The time passed though, we settled in, the baby started growing up. And I started to long for something to do, somewhere to go, where babies 👶 would be acceptable. And I found such places! If you are a bored mom in Jeddah with a baby or a toddler, try Baby Sensory classes (@babysensoryjeddah ). Its definitely fun for babies, and a good opportunity for moms to meet other moms and share concerns/opinions and may be even make friends. My research into daycare landscape of Jeddah led me to be a part of Jeddah for Kids (@jeddahforkids ) community (we are a group of volunteers on the lookout for activities for kids and family events in Jeddah). I keep an eye on things that might be of interest, and if you are still a lonely home-sitting mom with a baby 1-10-month old willing something to do, check the upcoming yoga 🧘‍♀️ classes Mommy&Me by @flow.yoga You can find more info about it on Jeddah for Kids account. If you are a lonely francophone woman/mom/expat wife or all the three, check @le_fil_de_djeddah - its a large female francophone community in Jeddah that meets for different events every month or so. The upcoming event is a charity sale on 📆 November 26. Most of their events welcome moms with babies and children! Picture credits: Baby Sensory Jeddah, Flow Yoga #JeddahForMomsAndBabies #JeddahForKids #WomenInJeddah #KeepBusyInJeddah #WhatToDoInJeddah #BoredMama #BabySensoryJeddah #YogaClassesForMomsAndBabies #LeFilDeJeddah #J4K #ExpatInJeddah #ExpatsWife #LifeOfAWife #MomsInJeddah #JeddahEvents #JeddahActivities #KeepMyselfBusy
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Having pets at home is a full time job and a huge responsibility you take on. You have to see them as a family member and love them unconditionally. These pets will give you so much love in return and make you so happy. I can't wait every day coming home and see my beautiful girls. Unfortunately many people in Saudi buy pets when they are so young and sweet and when they realize they require time, effort and money, they throw them out in the streets or sell them to petshops where they live miserably until someone buy them if any 🙁🙁. If the owner is a nice family, the pets will have good life otherwise they will stuck in the same vicious circle of pet life in Saudi. Please DO NOT BUY animal from pet shops ADOPT instead ..#expatinjeddah #expatlife #ksa #jeddah #pets #lov#loveets #love #cats #dogs #kittens #adopt
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Because #MyHusbandIsFrench, our kitchen is usually his domain, especially on a Thursday (read Friday) night. But today the #SpiritOfSiberia got hold of me, the Russian vibes tickled my stomach and echoed in my brain, and I set off on a painstaking journey called #Borsch 🙄 It is that red Russian soup known around the world, and its a chore, to be honest. But my empty pot after dinner proves the efforts were worth it😋. Anyways, the gallery can tell how I did it: 🥩 Boil beaf to make broth (if you are #VEGAN, skip this stage. You can check my friend’s blog @skubieva_na for good ideas of #VeganFood); 🤦‍♀️ Chop cabbage (the stage I would really love to skip, but borsch without cabbage is not borsch) and put it in the broth to boil; 🥔 Peel and cut (in cubes or as you wish) potatoes; 🥕 Cut an onion in semi-rings, grate a carrot, cut a sweet pepper (my #borsch is of a basic version, an upgrade would be + a tomato), and then grate a beetroot of course. Its the queen of borsch that makes it red. All these ingredients must be sautéed and then added into the pot; 👨‍🍳 Final touch: when the mix boils in the pot after all whats said above has been done, add salt, pepper, laurel etc. Aaaand... Squeeze some garlic. Ideally would be good to add some dill as well, but the dill I found in our fridge is now herbarium. So forget it 😄 After boiling for 10-15 mins what seems like an eternity if you are hungry, its finally done ✅! Yelllah!!! Au table! #RussianVibes #RussianFood #BizzareButTasty #RussianRedSoup #TonightIAmCooking #DinnerForTwo #SuddenInspiration #TooMuchChopping #ProudOfMyself #DiscoverRussianCuisine #BasicVersion #ExpatInJeddah
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Почему-то Саудовская Аравия у многих сразу ассоциируется с пустыней и нефтью 😟. А ведь это далеко не все, что здесь можно увидеть. Саудовская Аравия - это еще и 2640 км. береговой линии, это Красное море 🌊 (дайверы оценят!), это невероятной красоты закаты... 🌅 И даже затерянные острова. Про эти острова 🌴 очень хочется узнать больше. Из местных СМИ и разных рассуждений я делаю вывод, что однажды они откроются глазу искушенного туриста. Но пока Саудия - это не тронутый туристами край, неизведанный и загадочный, но весьма и весьма многообещающий. К сожалению, мне пока не довелось увидеть всех красот Аравии или даже малой их части (я не рискну тут сесть за руль, стаж мой маловат, чтобы с местными ‘профи’ на одной дороге тягаться 😬, а #пешкомдалеконеуйдешь ), но если кому интересно, есть увлекательный блог @blu@blueabaya Я же пока открыла для себя лишь этот райский уголок на фото. Но все еще впереди🤞! ⠀ ⠀ 👅I guess, many people still imagine Saudi Arabia as the land of desert 🐫 and oil. Well... they do have it all here, but on top of that they have 2640 km of shoreline, the magnificent Red sea 🌊 🐠 🐟 (divers wont lie, their photos prove it!), and breathtaking sunsets 🌅... And so much more. I am particularly interested in the hidden gems of islands (yes! There are islands in the ‘desert’ as well!!!). And what I saw on the pics, amazes me 😯😍Hopefully, my foot of a traveller will set itself there one day. There is a wonderful blog by @blueabaya you can check if Saudi sights caught your interest. My travels here so far resulted in the corner of paradise I captured on my phone 👆. I hope its only the beginning! 🤞 #ПутешествияПоАравии #КудаНеСтупалаНогаТуриста #ЛичныйРай #ОтСибириДоСауди #ЗдесьНеТолькоНефть #АравийскиеЗакаты #Джидда #TourismInSaudi #SaudiArabia #LotsToSee #ExploreSaudi #ExpatInJeddah #VisitSaudi #PersonalParadise #SunsetInSaudi #RedSea
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These two beautiful girls are our new family members. They are sooooooo gorgeous and lovely😍😍😍 #expatlife #expatinjeddah #kitten #love #gorgeous #girl #playful #familymember #jeddah #ksa #kitty #katter
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Yesterday started thunderstorm in Jeddah. Heavy rain, lightning and thunder. #expatlife #expatinjeddah #thunderstorm #rain #lightning
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New Corniche project was completed almost a year ago. The swimming areas were opened on and off in the first three months after grand opening and since then completely closed off for puplic use. It is a pitty that such a great project suffers from poor management and maintenance😔😔😔 I enjoyed swimming there afew times but now it is completely closed. #expatlife #expatinjeddah #ksa #jeddah #corniche #onandoff #closed #poor #management #maintenance #failure #project #pitty
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