Getting that work in 💪🏃‍♂️🏋🏼‍♀️!!!
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DAY 1 - HAPPY DAY OFF✨ Happy first #detox day, dear packers! How do you feel? Motivated?💪🏻💪🏻 Here some advice for you: - in case you want a snack, foresee healthy break - fruits, vegetables, nuts 🥒🥕🥑🥜 - Take time for you, move....start at your rhythm👟 start with a daily walk, if you can before your meal to get fresh air and remove stress For more exercises, follow our tips for 20min exercises👌🏻(on your protocole) Happy week! #packdetox #packnjoy #move #run #exercises #workout #gogogo #dreambody
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Outdoor Exercises | Vegan Fitness 🌱💪Fat gain around your belly? Ovarian cysts or PCOS? Craving sweets or carbohydrates? Acne/Pimples? Oily skin/hair? Irritable, excessively aggressive, rage? Midcycle pain? Constantly hungry or increased appetite? _ Androgens are sex hormones that are typically considered “male hormones”, but women still need them to lose body fat and get stronger and leaner. _ Excess androgens may result in unwanted facial hair growth, ovarian cysts, hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia and/or unstable blood sugar levels, irritability, aggression or episodes of depression and anxiety. - - Low androgens can result in stubborn fat on the back of the arms. Women with loose and sagging triceps may be suffering from a lack of relative testosterone & HGH, and/or have thyroid or excess cortisol issues. _ What can you do? _ Weight training is perhaps the most important aspect. The average female loses 5% of muscle per decade after the age of thirty, causing an average weight gain of 2.2 pounds per year. - - HGH is to women what testosterone is to men. It keeps you looking young, lean, and firm. Once progesterone levels fall due to stress, menopause, or other factors, HGH is all that is left to keep belly fat in check. _ Women falsely believe less intense exercise like walking and yoga will give them the desired “look” of their younger years. While these activities are extremely healthy, they will not be adequate to generate the hormonal effect needed to raise HGH. - However, they will work in combination with more intense exercise to lower the negative impact of stress/cortisol. - - 🍎Vegan Macro Coaching *Properly balance your hormones *Improve your digestion *Build lean muscle and burn belly/thigh fat *1 customized meal plan & macro eguides *FREE at home workout Programs 🌎 📩 - - - - #hollybrownfitworkouts #vegan #veganfitness #veganbodybuilding #vegangirl #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram @homeworkouts_4u @homeworkoutsprogram @home.exercises @home.squats #veganbikinicompetitor #wor#workouts #workout #workoutmotivation #workoutplan #workoutvideo #workoutvideos #exercise #exercises #exercisevideos
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