Yes!! Finally! 10/10 would recommend. The only thing I was bummed about is that they never had pumpkin spice in the natural bliss. Ps. I bought two and they were so new that they hadn’t put them in the system so I got them for free. #merrychristmas but I felt weird about it. However I will be buying more so they will be getting my money at some point. Lol.
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Jour de repos pas très actif aujourd'hui 🍂💤 et vous votre journée ? Ce soir c'est devant le Replay du Meilleur Pâtissier 🍰 Bonne soirée mes beautés ♥️
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Just a few of my favorite things... Lashes, Coffee, Pumpkins and Everything Fall #everythingfall #falldays #lashesandcoffee #caffeineandlashes #lashaddict #lashjunkie #essentiallyoulashes
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This sick day has kicked my butt, but at least I was able to spend it doing nothing but watching Christmas movies and getting doggy cuddles 🖤
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