57,6% i LC i dag! 💜 Kunne ikke vært mer fornøyd med Birka, hun har oppført seg eksemplarisk🌟#stavkrk #klubbenmin
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Successful first cross country schooling session of the year for Blinky today at Comphurst Cross Country course. Happy Blinky = Happy jockey 🏇 😃🙌 #crosscountry #eventinglife #2019season
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When I signed up as a coach, one of the first questions I was asked was "why?". Why did I want to be a coach? Why did I think I had a shot at this business over other people? Why did I think coaching was for me. . . . . My answer was...and still is...HORSES! My love for horses began the day I was born and has only gotten bigger! Horses are truly my life and without them I would be dead. But...my answer was and still is deeper than just the word "horses". My answer was financial freedom so I could give my horses the life they deserved at a beautiful barn (bonus points in my backyard!). My answer was time freedom so I could persue my dream of training handfuls of wild mustangs a year. My answer was for my own health and fitness so I could be in the best shape possible to train these wild horses at the caliber I wanted to. . . . Horses gave me a reason to live. I just want to give back. This business let's me.
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With seeing the feeds of the next generation at Wandin, has got me inspired to get back there and gallop those rolling hills . . . . . #eventing #eventer #eventersofinstagram #eventinghorse #eventinglife #wandin #wandinhorsetrials #wandinpark #inspiration #livethedream
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