For my birthday this past weekend, we went to the 3B’s (Blues, BBQ & Bourbon) event at the Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science Transportation Center. We got VIP tickets and had a great time with some friends while trying juice from most of the different bottles available. We ended up finishing the evening with a walk along the river at sunset. #emc3bs #evansvillebourbonsociety #evansvillemuseum #moshouse #hickoryandoak #evansvillemuseumcontemporaries #evansvilleindiana #bourbon #liquorlocker #bbq #blues #evansvilleriverfront #barrelstrengthgentleman
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Schlepping our latest #privateselection #bourbon tonight out the coal shute fo our members. Bottles are going fast. #evansvillebourbonsociety
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Schlepping our latest #privateselection #bourbon tonight out of the coal shaft. This @woodfordreserve #doubleoakedbourbon is out of this world amazing! #evansvillebourbonsociety
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This evening has been a #dreamcometrue. I met David three years ago and have been following and supporting his journey ever since. After some work and patience we were able to bring him in for our #evansvillebourbonsociety meeting tonight. Hands down one of the best tastings we have ever had. Keep up the good work taking over the world, @still630! Cheers to you!
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This legend of the industry, man of men, and #indomitablespirit @still630 will be hosting the #evansvillebourbonsociety tasting this Thursday. It promises to be an epic evening and if you want to join there is still time. PM me for all the details. You don't want to miss this event.
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@still630 is coming to host the #evansvillebourbonsociety members only event for March next Thursday. In preparation this is what I'm bringing to share with the board at our meeting tonight. #indomitablespirits #ryewhiskey
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