If you're looking to take the first step towards your new career as a Personal Trainer, this is the course to start it all off! Train with INFINITY ACADEMY and become a CERTIFIED FITNESS INSTRUCTOR. To know more, reach us at academy@infinitysportmanagement.com / 056-488-8983 #infinitysportsmanagement #infinityacademy #europeactive #europeanstandards #fit#fit#fitnessructor #gyminstructor #fitnesseducation #passionforfitness #passiontoprofession #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fit #uaefitness #mydubai
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How our day ends 😊.. Even Juvi agrees that’s her place to be!! :).. it’s getting beautiful 😻of course with some patience lessons- and when it’s getting though we have to keep the fire in 👊🏼‼️👏🏿 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #kulturestables #mssporthorses 🏡🇩🇪🏡🇲🇽 #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #showjumping #equestrian #europeanstandards #facility #mexico @samshieldamerica @meyersaddleswest @sprenger_equestrian @fabbriboots @psofsweden @flexiequinetacklockers @equistro_worldwide @equoequestrian @mdc_stirrups
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Acne, Brown Spots, Wrinkles… OH MY 😳 (and… dry skin, oily skin, and rosacea) . How do just FOUR products address multiple skin issues? . The answer is we have a patented delivery system called Soluxomes that allow our products to penetrate all layers of the skin at the exact effectiveness you need in order to improve numerous skin abnormalities. . So your quest for the perfect skincare product is over! . . . . . #luxuryskincare #europeanstandards #youwillthankmelater #newluxurybeautybrand #freeoftoxins #yetclinicalgrade
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Over half way to my promotion!!! 🙌🏼💙🙌🏼💙 What an amazing day! 😍😍 Let me know if you need anything. Even if it’s just something small, it helps me get closer! And helps you get high quality, no harmful chemical makeup to treat yourself with! 💙💙 #europeanstandards #natural #younique #makeupgirl #treatyourfacewithb #bluestatus
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Our duvets and pillows are made locally to European Standards. Giving you peace of mind that you are buying a quality product. #qualitybedding #knowhowitsmade #europeanstandards #lifsonproducts #ethicallysourced #ethicaldecor #duvet
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Notice a trend here? My little BFF is in most of my selfies. Get used to it 😜 I have a ton of new followers so I figured I’d introduce myself. I do not like long drawn out paragraphs. Nobody ever reads the entire thing 👎🏻 Me.... ❤️Mom ❤️Wife 🐶 Dalmatian Mom 🐶 Pittie Mom 🏡 Realtor 💆🏼‍♀️ Esthetician ✨ Social Seller /Multi Million $$ Sales Leader 🍰 Baker 🐼 Panda Lover 🤰🏻 Surrogate 🌮 Lover of Mexican Food and Margaritas 🤠 Southern Girl In my previous company, my organization sold multi millions of dollars in products. I earned a free car. I earned a couple trips. I was a 6 figure earner. And my business thrived. A month ago I gave up my rank, my title, my car checks, my commission checks, my entire organization, and incentives to join a BRAND NEW luxury skincare brand and i was freaking terrified! #noragrets I’ve managed to carry on my success to a better opportunity with better products and better compensation, with a better Upline in a better tribe. I only wish my entire organization would follow me over, but they gotta watch me thrive before they hop on, right? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I have lead hundreds of women down the path of financial security and I’m continuing to do it after 2 solid years of personal growth and unimaginable adventures. I am so excited for my future. I feel so bad for people still trying to find themselves. I was there at one point. I had women helping me find myself through the world of social media and let me tell you- life changing! So that’s who I became! I became the leader who helps women though the world of social media and social selling. Follow me! I will help you blossom! October is THE MONTH to hop on this crazy train. Join for 2/3 the price i joined for! Do you know the kinds of yearly and monthly fees i pay to be a Realtor?! Don’t even ask 🤣 Signing up to pimp clinical grade products (and very soon COSMETICS!) for 2/3 the normal fee with no other crazy fees attached to it and turning it into a SIX-FIGURE income is a no brainer! Best. Investment. Everrrr! 🙌🏻 . . . . #bellame #skincare #esthetician #groundfloor #bossbabe #100kclub #hyaluronicacid #beauty #mua #acneprone #europeanstandards #clearskin
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