#reallife #realstagram Spent the first 34 minutes of my day crying on the phone to my mom. Because believe it or not, no, this wasn’t how I imagined year 27 to be: single, living pay check to pay check, no 9-5 job, no benefits, hours away from my family, not saving for a house and don’t get me started on my anxiety disorder. Don’t be deceived by anyone’s highlight reel. We’re all in this messy world together. 🌎 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #canigetanamen #notcomplaining #onlysharing #yourenotalone #bereal #realist #notfake #honesty #theroaring20s #sin#singleaf #single #godsplan #raw #truth #believe #nopicketwhitefence #nomoneynoproblems #keepgoing #befaithful #trust #entrepreneur #itsgonnabeokay #eternalperspective #everylittlethingisgonnabealright #breathe
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It's funny how gazing at the beautiful things on earth give me a more eternal perspective ☺️ . "Every day is filled with opportunities to point to God, maybe in the fact that water boils, that leaves turn, and that the sun comes up in the morning, or maybe in the power of the storm, the taste of steak, the beauty of a sunset, or the honey from a bee; all of these things exist and are held together only because God created and controls the physical world." -Paul David Tripp | Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles . #godscreation #eternalperspective #godsbeauty #beauty #everlastingbeauty #everlastingbeautybyamanda
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🌷🌸 Wednesday inspiration 🌸🌷
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Tell me your favorites in the comments! Looking to drown myself in some authors who have a way of making earth seem small and eternity real. (Bonhoeffer, Tozer, Lewis are current favorites but looking to expand 😍) Thanks in advance!
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Happy Birthday to my Pastor @marlonmedina!! I can’t thank and honour you enough, not just for the opportunities and time you have personally given to me, but also for your resilience to build @cravechurch and the passion that you display about changing the world! I have always been amazed at the fact that: because of your obedience to God the perseverance & wisdom that God has given you, many of our lives are changed and we now have an #EternalPerspective to build this church with you! Thank you for setting an example for Vancouver City of what great characters, top-level integrity, and selflessness look like. Your sacrifices are not made in vain. The harvest you are reaping right now is only a glimpse of what’s to come. I am honoured to #PioneerThisMovement with you. Love you from the bottom of my heart!!
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We walk around complaining, grumbling, arguing, striving, ticked, annoyed, mad, selfish and so on. Mostly out of self absorption and the need to be right. All the while there are people next door, across the street or across the room in pain, turmoil, grief, addiction, and hopeless. We get so caught up in trivial circumstances that we miss the REAL NEEDS all around us. How different the world would be if we focused less on our own selfish desires and intentionally reached out to other people. To try and understand the needs and aches of those around us instead of our pursuit of self. A life passed too soon has broken many hearts. An addiction has taken a child away from his parents too young. Parents I saw struggle to conceive and finally received their miracle. A high risk pregnancy that ended in a healthy baby boy only to have him suddenly and unexpectedly ripped away 23 years later with a knock on the door in the wee hours. Seriously friends, let's keep our grievances in perspective. What good could be done in this world if we focused all our negative energy on good things. On making a difference. On loving without qualifications. In a time where we are "connected" we are the most disconnected. Let's be people who choose to see every individual, without judgment and seek to understand one another. Be a person that the broken hearted, lost, and lonely know they can call on. Be LOVE. #eternalperspective #belove #bealight #lovedontjudge
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Our great comforter in all seasons and situations of our lives, Jesus Christ. #EternalPerspective
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