Death, as we call it, is merely a doorway to another level of consciousness. #transition #awaken #godwithin #eternallight #wedontdie #energyalwaysexists #changingform
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Life is a Love Story. That is why you are here – and also why you feel separate, searching for things. You have another “Part" to you that needs awakening if you are to know this Love Story. It's not really “another" part, but is a deeper Reality to you: your truest, unborn, uncreated, infinite “part”. This deep inner “part" is the completion, the source, the fullness and fulfillment of your outer “part”. It’s the part of your “ontological iceberg” that is below the surface – the part you cant see. You are so spectacular in this invisible, boundless, endless dimension – you are so splendid, perfect, glorious and beautiful – that you needed to “stand apart” from Yourself in this limited, finite and formed consciousness that you call “me”, so that you could objectively appreciate your Fullness. And so here you are: covered in warm, vulnerable flesh – a dynamic swirl of light condensing into a temporary form, like a whirlpool of materiality in a river of invisible eternal Light. You are here to engage in the Love Story – calling for the infinite to be expressed in finite and the finite to rise into the infinite. When the infinite knows itself in the temporary and the temporary knows itself in the Infinite, the delusions created by duality dissolve. Fear is rooted out. The taints of ignorance, aversion and craving burn away. There are no longer any place for “other". This broken world needs this better Story. Many a weary and troubled heart needs to read the Love you are becoming. Many a troubled heart will be gladdened by your Joy, drawn nearer to Love's Union by your authenticity. Oh! It is the glorious path, this inward way, the wonderful discoveries, the tender intimacies, the amazing, almost incomprehensible, understanding. What we call “Life” IS this very DYNAMIC created by the Infinite and the finite interacting, harmonizing, unifying and consummating. By itself, the Infinite is boring and the finite is powerless, but brought together, the catalyst of Love, ignites a reaction we call Eternal Life. ~sOulwind #eternallight #infinitelife #loveisallthereis #awareness #mysticism #spirituality #soulwind12
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Frans Stiene on opiskellut perinteistä japanilaista Reikiä toisin kuin minä, joka olen sen länsimaistuneessa haarassa. Luin kuitenkin viime kesänä hänen kirjojaan. Hänen tekstinsä symboleista olivat hyvinkin ajattelua avartavia. Pidin erityisesti hänen "The inner heart of Reiki" - kirjastaan. Tässä yksi hyvä ajatus häneltä. (Ps. Olen asiasta samaa mieltä.) #reiki #bereiki #beingreiki #fransstiene #oneness #nonduality #unconditionallove #unconditionallove❤️ #light #eternallight #reikimaster #reikimasterteacher
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Good Morning and sending and wishing great vibrations, healing, love and light🤗😇🙏 And dont forget to give yourself a Hug because YOU love YOU💖 #positivevibrations, #greatthoughts , #healingthoughts, #love, #eternallight, #hugs, #youareyourbff
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"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." ~Martin Luther King Jr. ✵ "Christ Chandelier" by @yung.visiiion#8D #optics #eternallight #christconsciousness #soulstarchakra #shinebrightlikeadiamond #swarovskicrystals #ethericenergy #spiritscience #doctorking #liveson
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Честит празник! С човека на когото дължа себе си днес 😌🌸🌷💕 . . #цветница #celebrations🎉 #flowers #colorful #lovelytime #appreciationpost #owe #eternallove #eternallight #flourish
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