Road trip along the 1000 Islands Parkway 🏝 _ 좋아하는 드라이브 로드. 호수위 천개의 수많은 섬 중의 내가 좋아하는 섬 하나.
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And then all of a sudden she changed. She came back a totally different person with a different mindset, a new outlook, a new soul. The girl that once worried way too much about everyone and everything no longer did.🖤 . . Photographer 📷@ash_photographyservices
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This balloon cost me 10 dollars. 🐳: @aiipom
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Yin + Cupping heavenly things on a Saturday. Stay tuned! We got another date coming up in May 〰️ . . . Happy weekend, friends!
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So when I feel uncomfortable in front of a camera (for a number of reasons) i opt to make this 🐠 face. Anyone else do something weird in uncomf situations?!!!
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