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This little booger is finally starting to figure out what we’re doing (training-wise)! 😄 . The first session we did targeting, he would touch the target, I’d click, and as I rewarded him with a treat (through a fence and into a food dish), he would dive toward my hand before I dropped the treat. 😂 It was a great game. Our session today, however, he went to the dish as soon as clicked. 🙂
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The comeback is always greater than the setback💪🏼💓 . . Hey guys, I just thought I’d give an update on Fupay since you all haven’t heard about him in like a week. Fupay is just coming off an injury. Today he was walking great, so Sunday I’ll take him out and lunge him to see how he is moving. Earlier this week he strained a muscle in his groin. He was laying down sleeping, and when he got up one of his legs slipped causing the muscle to strain. So I cold hosed it 3-4 times a day for a few days. Then I treated it with liniment & DMSO, and it progressively got better each day. It has healed a lot faster than I originally anticipated. He’s been out to pasture all day and night. I did not stall him at all, otherwise the swelling would’ve increased. He only came in for his morning and nightly grain and hung out in the stalls for just a couple hours. (This is what they all usually do anyway) Then he went to the pasture with his buddies to stretch his legs. So I will update you all again on Sunday to see if he is all healed up! . Make sure to follow my sponsor @equinety_products who I believe was a major aspect of the quick healing time. He got 2 scoops a day to accelerate his recovery and healing. IT WORKED! It has been less than a week!! I love this product, and I will always use it!💙💙
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