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This one's for those of us still letting "Imposter syndrome" keep us down... ... And waiting for the Committee of True and Actual Greatness to come and anoint them "Badass of their Industry"... If that's you, I want to tell you about the first time I did an official consultation. Okay, it wasn't too official... But it was the first time someone actually came to talk to me 'cos he heard I was good. He was a fashion designer who is a friend of a friend and he came over because my friend had been talking about my business brain. Anyway, so he came over, and then there was one other friend there with my friend and I. See pressure... Luckily, my friend was talking about something with the other friend so I figured they weren't listening. I was wrong, but we'll come to that later. So I and the fashion designer guy were talking and somehow early enough, I realized I should do more of listening and less talking... More asking questions than answering them... At this point I was fresh off crafting my whole VALUE mnemonic for the 5 parts of every business so it's safe to say man was hot. I went in on the consultation like Conor McGregor stepping into the octagon to beat Jose Aldo. We'd barely gone 30 minutes when the other friend said: "Hmmm... GUY!!! You sure say we no go just rent out auditorium give you microphone make you just dey talk make we dey collect money?" My friend laughed. I was a bit self-conscious cos I thought they weren't listening... but that was the moment I realized, like John Obidi says: "What you have is enough." Your level of knowledge is enough to start. Your level of experience is enough. As a matter of fact, what you know might just be the paracetamol to someone else's problem. As for the fashion designer, from what he told me when we last talked, his business is growing quickly. My point is... First, there is no Committee of True and Actual Greatness coming to anoint you... Secondly, like Robert Greene once said (or wrote), stop waiting for a coronation because the greatest emperors crown themselves. In other words, stop looking for somebody to permit you. PERMIT YOURSELF!!! Get that first time out of the way and go!
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BLOCK71 Jakarta is a one-stop hub to support entrepreneurial journeys in Indonesia and beyond, and a supportive vibrant incubator community, and a global start-up network as well. We're glad that BLOCK71 supports Scale Up Asia 2018 as our community partner. 😄
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