No filter, babes Freckles, wrinkles, and those blue eyes 💙 Proud of that freaking sweat 💦 I'm powering through the T25 Alpha calendar like a champ ⚡
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My grandfather always believed in the great Jimmy Buffet saying, “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” or would just use the excuse that, “my doctor says a glass of red wine a day can benefit heart health!” Either way, he was always a happy man who believed in celebrating the blessing of life at any given moment of the day with a glass of wine 🍷 😅🙌🏼 I decided to honor his memory today and “raise a glass” to him by sipping on some Champagne Flavored @ban@bangenergy at 7:30 a.m. this morning while catching some rays before hitting back and cardio 😆🥂 it was DELICIOUS, fancy AF, and I got a rather nice workout afterwards 💪🏼 Cheers to life, health, and the ABILITY to workout! Never take that for granted my friends. 🍾 Check out the inventor of @bangenergy : @vpxredlineceo 🤘🏼#StayThirstyMyFriends #BangRevolution
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Every piece of jewelry tells a story #Sweet Daisy Flower Stud Earring#Sterling Silver#Energize Your spirit.
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